Opinions in the Shorts: Vol. 63

On Democratic Whining
House Democrats are upset because President Obama is distancing himself and the White House is accepting a possible GOP majority in November. Tough nuggies! House leadership and President Obama obviously misread or ignored the public. Yes Mr. President, I can honestly say, I told you so.

On Blaming the Previous Administration
President Obama and his White House operatives continually point to what they inherited. Mr. President, we already know that so stop the excuses and get the job done. Oh that’s right – you would rather be a good one-term president than a mediocre two termer. Sorry, this moderate independent isn’t buying that lame excuse, so continuing to point the finger at President Bush is both getting old and is also a risky tactic. Here’s an interesting column by David Broder (Washington Post).

On the Job Front
It does not take a Rhodes Scholar to determine that too many people are out of work. Let’s see – less income for the general population means less spending, fewer people seeking new homes, less income for governments from payroll taxes, more cuts by state and local governments, and on and on. There continues to be a huge gap between Wall Street and Main Street, and Washington does not seem to understand – regardless what Mr. Boehner and Mr. McConnell say. I enjoyed this David Brooks column about the economy.

On Judicial Activism
Senator Sessions (R-AL) speaks for many when he worries about nominee Kagan being an activist judge. On the other hand, these people are forgetting that appointing someone who favors their own personal and political view is also judicial activism. Justice Sotomayor’s appointment did not alter the court, nor will Justice-nominee Kagan. The last judicial activist appointment was Justice Alito. Hmmm .. and Senator Sessions and his cronies voted YES. Isn’t that right Senator Hatch (R-UT), Senator Kyl (R-AZ), Senator Coburn (R-OK), Senator Cornyn (R-TX), and Senator Grassley (R-IA) ?

On a Wrangling Rangel
I nominate Rep. Charlie Rangel (D-NY) as the symbol of Washington – one who stands for what is wrong on both sides of the aisle. Then again, is having an Ethics Committee in each chamber an oxymoron?

On a Tea Party Thought
The Tea Party hailed the Scott Brown’s (R-MA) election, and now turned against him because of his vote on the financial reform bill. Here are a couple of questions to ponder. If the Tea Party leads the way in nominating a Republican, can the nominee capture the center necessary to win? If a Tea Party candidate makes it to Washington, can they successfully legislate? After all, Sharon Angle’s record in Nevada is filled with being the sole NO vote and, polls currently have her trailing a very beatable Harry Reid. Here’s an article.

On the Stupid Stick

Everyone has been hit by the stupid stick sometime during their life. Then again, others live their life by that assault label. Worse yet, they use genetics to pass it on to the next generation, This post is dedicated to some of the latest attacks by that uninviting weapon.

This past spring  my wife and I hit each other with the stupid stick. After all, nothing else would explain why two stable, common-sense people without a mortgage would decide to put their house for sale during a slow time for home sales.

How about the two immigration workers who stole the entry document from the Feds that Neil Armstrong signed, and then put it for sale online?

How about Phillies manager Charlie Manuel who admitted considering a pitcher for the All-Star game who had 6 career starts and a 2-2 record?

Speaking of the All-Star Game, how about Commissioner Selig continuing to support the fans deciding the players, and the fans not watching the game? This is easy to explain because at birth, instead of slapping baby Bud on the butt, the doctor whacked him with the stupid stick.

How about Illinois Governor Pat Quinn? While facing a huge budget deficit, he gives sizable raises to his staff while ordering unpaid leave to more than 2,000 state workers.

How about the Yale study that concluded cartoon characters attack kids to junk food? Who needed the study to know that? After all, that’s nothing new as  I remember Quick Draw McGraw pushing Sugar Smacks and Fred and Barney plugging Winstons.

How about members of Congress? Just take your pick. Heck, they probably sponsored the Yale study. I’m also having a hard time understanding why citizens have so many complaints about our elected civil servants. After all, they are the best money can buy. Maybe voting booths are equipped with stupid sticks.

On Truckin on the Highway

I don’t like passing trucks when it’s raining because they put off too much spray – but that’s not the trucker’s fault.

I know that more road damage is due to trucks (than cars), which increases road maintenance costs – but that’s not the trucker’s fault.

I know it’s more economical for shipping to occur by rail than by truck, but that’s not the trucker’s fault.

I don’t like driving behind trucks because they block my down-the-road vision – but that’s not the trucker’s fault.

I don’t like driving behind trucks whose driver decides to control the flow of traffic – and that IS the trucker’s fault! These pompous clowns must think just because they have a big vehicle, with a better view since they are high, and maybe even the advance reports received through CB communications – so must know what is best for everyone.

Traffic was slow last Friday on I-75 – slower than normal – and yes, I was behind a truck. Since my exit was about a mile ahead and the right lane was moving a little faster, I moved into the right lane – and lo and behold discovered part of the issue!

There was a significant gap between the truck and the next vehicle ahead, thus being behind it, I didn’t know. Then, slightly ahead was another trucker who was doing the same thing! Who and the heck appointed them governors of the highway?

This event reminded me of something that happened a few years ago. I was on my way to the airport, then traffic came to a crawl. Seems that two truckers (one in each lane) were controlling the pace and flow of traffic because a construction project a few miles ahead.

Once I noticed that, I got in the median and passed the truck … and then another truck same from the right lane moved left to block me! But I just kept moving, thus passed that one too! To top it all off, I had no problem at the bridge construction. So these clowns were controlling traffic the way they saw best for everyone – which simply wasn’t right.

What a bunch of nonsense! Concentrate on safely driving your rig and stop making decisions for the rest of us. These few are damaging the reputation of the rest of the truckers. Then again, that seems to be the way live happens anytime the clueless take their spot in the population.

Let’s end with something light – such as 18 Wheels on a Big Rig by the fabulous Heywood Banks.