On Veterans 2014

Upon seeing this commercial, I knew I had to use it for Veterans Day. On this day, a special salute to all US military veterans.  Also, for my world-wide audience, may this create a moment for you to give thanks to the veterans who served your country.

46 thoughts on “On Veterans 2014

  1. I caught this commercial on Sunday, while watching my football games. Choked me up a bit as it did now. Such young faces. Thanks for posting, Frank. We recently witnessed a swearing in..its a very proud and unsettling moment.


  2. Ok…here come the tears! We owe so much. Remember when the face of new recruits didn’t look so young? I think that’s where the lump forms in the throat. Very brave and dedicated YOUNG men and women. Perfect way to remember and say thank you, Frank.


  3. USAA, an insurance company I have been with for 54 years, is doing a good job of displaying the military ethos in their ads. Until only a decade or so ago it had restricted its membership to active duty personnel, but now it is extended to virtually everyone who served honorably. I find it ironic that cultural unity and tolerance of diversity is most perfectly achieved in the act of young people giving up a significant part of their individual freedoms to serve the country as a whole. It is Yin and Yang most exquisite.


      • No, I’ve been noticing USAA commercials with interest for some time now. When I first went with them in 1959 their membership was exclusively officers of the armed forces, and they offered only car insurance. That gave them a group of customers that were statistically safer and more financially reliable than average and it enabled them to offer much lower rates. Now they have expanded to include just about anyone who was ever connected to the military, including family members who never served and they offer all kinds of insurance, banking and investing. That old reputation, including good service, has boosted them to the forefront of the industry. Last year they were the prime sponsor of the Army-Navy game national broadcast and I expect they will be again. Their corporate identity is closely tied to patriotism and it is serving them well. (The CEO is a retired General and they employ a lot of ex-military people.)


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