Opinion in the Shorts: Vol. 274

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Tough week for the stock market (US and elsewhere). A note for Republicans – You can blame President Obama if and only if you are willing to give him credit for the market run since he took office (Jan 2009). Meanwhile, the shoe also fits the other way – That is, the Democrats giving the President Obama the credit for past growth should be blaming him for this past week. In my view, markets are more complex than that.

Many are wondering why Donald Trump (R-NY) is high in the polls. The answer is simple. Trump is the candidate for people seeking affirmation – not information. The Bloviator has the knack for telling people what they want to hear, regardless if the statement is true or false. Case in point, here’s the most recent scorecard from PolitiFact regarding Trump’s bloviations.


Can you recall one person being about to do so-many phone-in interviews on TV? It is so with Mr. Trump, which tells me that the media is part of the problem because they are taking him whenever they can for ratings … thus limiting their challenges because they don’t want him to say “No” to the airtime.

Last week, Gov. Walker (R-WS) made three contradictory statements about birthright citizenship granted by the 14th amendment – yet the campaign described them as consistent. I guess that also means they see the situation as having no choice. Earth to Walker campaign – some us aren’t stupid.

The presidential election process is too long in the US. If the lengthy time is so important to the parties, the candidates, and all the donors, what about the taxpayers? Are some of us getting cheated. I have a suggestion that these people will hate. Sitting governors, senators, and representatives were elected by the people of their state (or district within the state) to represent them – yet a national campaign takes much time. In order to seek a national office, just resign your state-elected office. The choice involves cake or ice cream – not both.

Opening Night for Dance: The Musical was a smashing success! Two bits of good news: Act 2 is scheduled for Sept. 8th, plus, I’ve added an additional act. For those needing to know more now, see the Hear Ye page. Also, special thanks to Dale for her excellent job as the theater’s maître d … even if the WP gnomes are blocking me from commenting on her blog.

You may recall that Marina provided the artwork for my On Blue post. Here’s a post from Resa featuring a clothing item she purchased of Marina’s work.

My pastor read my post my post about predestination. Here’s something he wrote to me, How do you have such nice, generous people in your comment section? The civility is refreshing. … A tip of the cap and a round of applause to my blogging community!

No Explore post this weekend, however, there will be a Salute post. Of course, the burning question is – salute what? Hmmmm …. it’s subtle.

If there is anyone interested in playing a free, no-pressure version of fantasy football, let me know and I will email you the information.

To lead you into this week’s satire, here’s The Onion’s explanation of how Donald Trump (R-NY) continues to lead in the polls.

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Weekly Headlines from The Onion (combos welcome)
Man spends entire weekend binge-watching neighbor
Report: 1 in 3 Americans will get dessert if someone does
Guantanamo Bay begins construction on Senior Care wing
Q-Tips introduces new multi-speed electric ear swab
Man to undergo extensive interrogation by co-workers about where he got falafel
Scientist confident artificially intelligent machines can be programmed to be lenient slave masters

Interesting Reads
Street artists in Ghana
About Neil Armstrong
Restoring a famed piano
A report on mobile messaging and social media
A planet’s habitation

To send you into the weekend, here’s a twofer. The first one is a leftover from Opening Night. Have a safe weekend and in the words of Garrison Keillor, Be well, do good work, and keep in touch.

70 thoughts on “Opinion in the Shorts: Vol. 274

  1. “Trump is the candidate for people seeking affirmation – not information.”—You are always right on the money, Frank, at least in my opinion. And there is one thing I guess I have to agree with Trump on (may lightning not strike me dead)–the media is partly to blame. They just wait for his next ruckus and then they focus on it all day, spending little time on the other candidates. It’s a vicious, self-feeding cycle.

    Lovely comment by your pastor. Civility is definitely nice to see in this too often uncivil online world.


    • Carrie,
      Thanks … and not only is Trump right about the media’s role, he turns around and uses them to his benefit – thus doing what he’s blaming. Hmmmm … Yep – a continuous cycle.

      I had to share my pastor’s comment because that is a pat on the back to many!

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  2. Don Henley and ZZ Top…that’s a nice intro into the weekend. Hopefully you can share your pastor’s thoughts if you,ever have the chance to sit and speak with him one day about predestination and your post. That would be interesting.


    • George,
      Good point about the conversation with my pastor (which hasn’t occurred yet) … so I will share because odds are we will talk about the post because I want his feedback. Maybe I can share something in the next OITS. Glad you enjoyed the music.


  3. At first I thought your theories on Trump’s popularity were ingenious, until I read the Onion’s take — I’m afraid they beat you by a few points.

    Facebook added another theory to the pile for me this morning, as both an extreme-left and extreme-right friend posted the same article trumpeting (pun intended) the conspiracy theory that his popularity is secretly being driven by the Hillary camp, who are gleefully watching the Republican party write their own demise.

    And yes, election season runs far, far too long. Wake me up when we can go back to complaining about our current politicians, rather than their multitude of potential replacements.


    • Alisha,
      I know better than to try outdoing The Onion, but I do appreciate the affirmation they can provide.

      LOL to the conspiracy folks … and for me, both sides drive me crazy. Meanwhile, election season is way too long. Crazy long!!! At least it doesn’t take long to remove the newly elected from the honeymoon period.


  4. Jivey update on US presidential prospects and the social whirligig, Frank, what with all those peppy clips of Don Henley and ZZ Top. The tremors at stock market took its toll in India too as the sensex here dipped by hundreds of points. For superannuated people like me, living on investments, the only thing that interests is continuity and stability around the world. And from that standpoint, one really looks forward to Hillary Clinton making it on the ongoing run; all the rest, including Trump but excluding Bernie Sanders, are, as far as visible from my sidelines, glorious distractions…best wishes.. Raj.


  5. Very interesting. Since Danny and I have had TV access here in the hospital, I have gotten caught of with a lot of new events. Sadly, much of it hasn’t been worth watching.
    As far as Trump goes, Yes the media is to blame for a lot of what is going on.
    I firmly believe that somehow Trump will MESS up enough to loss any chance of winning. His ego should do it.
    Praying that that happens. And Soon.
    I really wish we had a third viable party who got the same amount of money the 2 main parties get.
    I agree with you…..this election campaign /process is way to long.People get bored way to easy.
    We need to focus on ISSUES.
    I know Americans are tired. Yes, we are in need of a change.
    Whoever becomes President MUSt understand our countries needs and then the worlds needs. They have to be able to “Get Along “with other leaders. I can not imagine Trump ever being able to do that.

    Congrats on your Musical. I have yet to read about it this week.
    Have a good weekend. Hugs to you and your wife.

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    • Sarah,
      Hooray for getting a chance to get caught up on the news. Yep – much is the same, but sometimes the faces are different.

      I’d love a viable third-party, but you hit the main reason why I won’t happen —- MONEY.

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      • And the fact the NEITHER the DEMOCRATS Nor the REPUBLICANS WANT A 3RD PARTY.
        I just don’t think the tax papers should have to fund the elections like we do. I certainly don’t want any of my money (If I had any?????) going to TRUMP. Danny is a Libertarian and he hates it that he doesn’t get to vote in the Primary’s. I don’t think that is right either.


        • Of course neither wants a third party because of the potential loss of power. The two work hand in hand, but money rules (unfortunately) …. and in Danny’s case, politicians like Rand Paul know it’s to their benefit to run as a Republican than a Libertarian … which to me is a shame.

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        • It is a shame….I am no better though. I still claim to be a Republican…..I am , yet, I’m not….I don’t like either party right now. And the Libertarians had their chance a few years ago then blew it. A better chance any way.
          Frank, Have I told you I never talk POLITICS? I enjoy it with you.


  6. Why thank you, Frank! I feel I was lacking in my duties as Maître D this time round but definitely appreciate the acknowledgement!
    Those bloody gnomes are really starting to annoy me.
    Great videos indeed.
    The media…Trump defi itely knows how to feed them.


  7. Your read from The Atlantic Magazine, “Restoring a famed piano,” moved visiting New Orleans and other sites in Louisiana, up several notches on my Things To Do Before I Die Bucket List. First though, I have to finish reading “The Half Has Never Been Told: Slavery and the Making of American Capitalism,” by Edward E. Baptist, a book that truly reveals the significance of New Orleans and its effect on politics in the U.S. today.

    Something that sets Donald Trump apart in his rhetoric is his constant and calculated, use of the word ‘stupid’ to describe his political opponents, Congress, departments of government, present and past administrations, and the media. It’s working.


    • Tim,
      I knew you would appreciate the piano read. You’ll love New Orleans – especially the food & the music.

      Donald Trump is very calculating, thus knows what to say – and is a good example of “it’s not if it is right or wrong, it’s all about the conviction of the message.” Simply another way of putting affirmation above information.


  8. Frank, you said,

    Tough week for the stock market (US and elsewhere). A note for Republicans – You can blame President Obama if and only if you are willing to give him credit for the market run since he took office (Jan 2009). Meanwhile, the shoe also fits the other way – That is, the Democrats giving the President Obama the credit for past growth should be blaming him for this past week. In my view, markets are more complex than that.

    I agree that markets are more complicated than that. Markets, short term, are governed by emotions, basically fear and greed. It is only the long-term blame that should be attributed to political actions and policies.

    The Great Recession was the result of deregulation of the financial industry, bureaucratic overreaction to 9/11, and a One Trillion Dollar unnecessary war. The recovery was the result of the fiscal stimulus and financial-market policies such as the TARP, the bank stress tests and the Fed’s quantitative easing, all of which were wrongly predicted by the political right to lead to a disastrous “fiscal cliff”. And that’s the truth.


      • Frank,
        I’m a little confused. If you mean that Obama couldn’t couldn’t have engineered a spectacular financial recovery that delayed a market correction for four years without the Bush administration giving him a low point to start from in January 2009, then I guess I’m with you.


        • No question President Obama started on a low point … and no question about the positive growth since then … and no question about the work still to be done … Now return to my original statement to notice I took a bite out of both parties … especially the Republicans .. but it can work both ways .. thus why I tossed caution in the wind to the Democrats.


  9. Frank, I only say one thing …. Trump as Prescient of United States … good help the world. And I will also lose all respect for USA, because he is a total nut cases. The thing is that you don’t only vote for the man that will run your country .. you vote for the whole world.
    I’m so glad I’m over here with … our nutcases that are less dangerous and has a lot less power.
    I wish you and Mrs a pleasant weekend.


  10. Your music picks have me chair dancing! Thanks so much. They don’t make music like this any more. Speaking of which…I saw a great documentary on Netflix that you might enjoy. It’s called The Wrecking Crew about a bunch of musicians of the same name. They played back-up for many of the name talent acts of the 1960’s. It was fascinating.

    I hear the market recovered big. I hope I heard right. It is a complex thing and no one person or event can account for it’s fluctuations. And that’s why Trump has to GO! He’s providing simple (and stupid) answers to such complex issues and people are slurping his Trump Soup up as if it was nutritious. Empty calories, People. EMPTY.


    • Lorna,
      So tell us, how do you feel about Donald Trump? 😉 I couldn’t resist. Love your Trump Soup analogy. Meanwhile, glad the music got you moving … which is also a good sign for a song.


  11. I have nothing this week Frank, just nothing. I did though enjoy the reads, especially the restoration of the Fats Domino Piano and what it meant as a metaphor overall for NOLA after Katrina. Though I must say Mobile Messaging was very interesting.

    Frank, I loved Dance: The Musical. Didn’t contribute but loved it. All the music was simply fabulous.


  12. Your reply to one of your commenters – “I don’t think he’ll (Trump) get the nomination, let alone win the prize. BUT – stranger things have happened” – just ruined my whole day!


  13. Have I mentioned that I have a special place in my sewer for the rat gov in this state?
    Anywho – that rat is nothing but. Ok – now that I’ve said that – I feel better now. RAnT over!


  14. Your data on the Bloviator is really fascinating. I’ve been afraid to ask any of my friends what they think of him. Should they reply in a way that indicates approval I won’t be able to contain myself. The election process is indeed too long. I think it’s possible we’ll be completely bored before we even get to November 2016. I enjoyed the “dance” party. Looking forward to more!


    • Debra,
      Our election cycle is crazy long … even monetarily-speaking pathetic. That much could go so many other places. In terms of The Bloviator – I continue to maintain it’s early, so keep him bloviating.


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