Opinions in the Shorts: Vol 12

On Gas Prices
Why have gas prices risen since December while oil prices decline? It’s a matter of supply and demand. Consumers are comfortable and suppliers are not operating refineries at full capacity.

On the Dominos of Life
Life is full of many domino-effect events. Months ago while listening to a person I got one of those “I should” ideas. About a month ago from reading a blog entry rekindled that same “I should” idea. Last week I received an email from church about a need, which triggered the same “I should” idea. This past Saturday I acted on that idea by sharing a story at my church’s monthly men’s breakfast.

On Baseball Downfalls
Sports figures have  a great propensity to be in the news and spot a negative light on to themselves, their sport, and the community they represent. With that in mind, and with the baseball season gearing up, Real Clear Sports listed their Top 10 Tarnished Baseball Reputations.

On Partisan Politics
Regular readers know I continue to rail against the partisans on both sides of the aisle. In that spirit, I appreciate this column from the New York Times.

On Great Posts of the Week
Here are several challenging posts I loved this week.

On Other Blogs
Written by a cartoonist that you may know the BizarroBlog provides wonderful stories and commentary accompanying the illustration of the day. Definitely for those with an offbeat sense of humor … and clicking the links is part of the experience.

American Heartland Bar & Grill is one of my early stops in the day. After all, they were the first to recognize my efforts. There primary efforts are with politics and college sports, they also link readers to other worthwhile posts.

10 thoughts on “Opinions in the Shorts: Vol 12

  1. What a week of outrage this has been. Animals being shot, people drawing animals being shot and calling it satire, Race, Canada, Baseball, I’m tired. All we need now is for someone to light a match and blow the whole thing up.

    Hold up I’m saving that for my post for tomorrow 🙂

    I wish you a safe weekend.


    • Tim … I too am spent … which could show up in a post tomorrow, thus time will tell.

      Have a good weekend .. .be safe & and thanks for the comment!


  2. What I find confusing is how the oil companies end up putting millions of gallons back into the ground daily and cry for help..and aren’t called out on it

    they are akin to drug dealers

    just more reason to move to alternate resources


    • 3rd Stone … right on about alternative energies … but hey, I’m old enough that I’ve been hearing those words since the early 70s! Talk talk talk talk!

      By the way, if you’re interesting in alternative energies, last week’s Opinions in the Shorts had a couple of links.

      Thanks for the visit!


    • Thanks Joe … and glad you appreciate the links.

      Life is a mixture of stuff: sports, humor, politics, food, entertainment, arts, religion, science, images, history, social, and on and on and on. For sure, the Internet has allowed us to grow in all of these directions. There’s a lot of stuff out there, which requires a lot of sifting through all the crap … but good stuff is present to fit our many interests.

      Thanks Joe .. enjoy the humor of the Bizarro Blog!


  3. afrankangle– Thanks for your kind comments and the link in your post. Your stuff is thoughtful and fun to read!

    David Waggoner
    Extreme Thinkover


    • David .. thanks for the kind words. As you well know, so many people are misinformed about evolution and religion, so when I saw your post (along with the one from Fr. Ted), I had to tell others.

      Actually, in a few weeks I’m going to get a book from the library about the topic. Can’t recall it off the top of my head at the moment, but it’s highly recommended. Heck, maybe a future post or two on the topic/book.

      Meanwhile … thanks again for the comment … hope you return … take care!


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