On a Paso Vacation

EastSideVineyardAfter attending a wine tasting this past spring, my wife and I decided to vacation in the Paso Robles (CA) wine region. Besides, we’ve visited Napa and Sonoma several times.

We flew into Santa Barbara and then visited several wineries on the way to Paso. After four nights there and one in Santa Maria, we can say this was a great trip – and one that I’ll report over multiple posts.

Although we had outstanding weather (high 80s, low 50s) with a nice breeze, Paso can be quite hot in July, August, and September.

AdelaideCompOur stay at the Adelaide Inn is worthy of praise. The Adelaide Inn, a motor-lodge style motel, provided clean, spacious, renovated king rooms. The inn is only a half-mile walk from downtown for those who like to walk (like us). The Adelaide staff is friendly and helpful – but beware of Charlie, the evening clerk with a sense of humor and the guardian of the cookies. The only downside on the Adelaide is that guests may need more than the Adelaide’s simple continental breakfast – but there are options.

Many, if not most, wine tasting rooms in this region have tasting fees. Although some waive the fee with a purchase, the Adelaide staff provided numerous complimentary tasting coupons.

Downtown Paso Robles offers tasting rooms, tasting bars, restaurants, and shopping – many surrounding a centralized city park. I recommend Thai Basil and Buona Tavola for evening meals.

Here are some broad recommendations for first-time wine tasters to this area.

  • Take a collapsible cooler along for packing a lunch because food isn’t easy to find out on the tasting trails.
  • Research before you go because not all tasting rooms are open daily as some are only on weekends while others only on extended weekends.
  • Consider the Wine Wrangler as it provides a good wine tour and they drive and provide lunch. (Advance purchase through Costco saves $20 per ticket. I’ll post about our day later).
  • If flying, plan so the wine is your checked luggage on your return flight because the baggage fee will probably be less expensive than a shipping fee – but buy a shipping box with styrofoam to protect the bottles.
  • Take time to visit Hearst Castle (about a 45-minute drive).

Planning Sites

More posts to come about this trip … especially the wine!

7 thoughts on “On a Paso Vacation

  1. We love the Adelaida Inn too. Always stay there when we go to Paso. Already planning our 7th trip of the year. Though much easier for us to get to since we live in SoCal. Can’t wait to hear which wineries were your favorites. Artisan is also a must if you’re looking for great food in town.


    • Lisa D,
      Planning your 7th trip? … I’m envy your location! As you well know, in only 3 days we could only visit a small sample of Paso wine offerings for our first trip.

      We heard great reviews about Artisan and Bistro Laurent. We also had a casual meal at La Mexicana, which was fine for what it is – besides less expensive!

      Plus your an Adelaide fan. Thanks for confirming!

      Anyone reading this comment should see your site … Daily Wine Dispatch.

      Thanks for visiting.


    • CCC,
      Great time … and will be doing other posts about the wine and possibly some other stuff … maybe every other day.

      Not only did we see the movie sideways, since we flew in/out of Santa Barbara, we went through (and stopped) in the area where the movie was filmed and based in. Passed the Hitching Post restaurant that Paul Giamatti always visited in the movie. Therefore, I must see it again to notice locations.

      Thanks for visiting.


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