On the First BCS 2009

Since we’re around the halfway point of the regular college football season, fans know that the BCS rankings are now in the spotlight – actually posting their first standings of the season yesterday.

Now every sensible fan knows that the BCS system has nothing to do with determining a national champion and everything to do with maximize the bowl dollars to richest programs.

Here’s an interesting ESPN video from 2008 that introduces each of the computer poll gurus who participate in the BCS ranking process.

I also discovered a secret, but authenticated, footage of a recent BCS-committee meeting.

15 thoughts on “On the First BCS 2009

  1. This was hilarious lol

    Great job Frank

    I’ve never been a fan of the BCS, as the years go on it just seems to make less and less sense. A school can have a great record but have no chance at a title because they are not part of the BCS Mafia.

    Good stuff


    • Rad,
      It is pathetic and I like your BCS Mafia term. As I’ve said many times, it’s all about dollars to make the rich richer, all under the disguise of “determining a champion.”

      If you haven’t seen the follow-up to the video in this post, see the link that Lester provides in his comment.
      Thanks for visiting.


    • Joe,
      Glad you enjoyed the video … I agree … what a hoot! Lester’s comment (on this post) provides the link to the latest video in the series. You will also notice a comment from Henry, one of the people from that site.
      As always, thanks for visiting and commenting.


  2. Glad you all enjoy taking a peek at the inner workings of the BCS! I’m one of the founders of the Global Sports Fraternity (http://www.globalsportsfraternity.com) and throughout the season we’ll be releasing a new video of the chimpanzees each week.

    Next week we get to meet the one human that works at BCS Headquarters…the CEO’s attractive secretary.

    Please come check out everything at our site! And thanks so much for the post!!!


    • Henry,
      THANK YOU and your team for your work. Awesome! I also enjoyed this week’s edition and look forward to next weeks … thus I’ll promote your group soon in a post … and I’ll examine the rest of the site.
      Thanks for commenting.


  3. frank,
    Awesome video. Hilarious. Got your post at my site. I agree with you on Texas, don’t think they are worthy of the top ten either. I think MizzU has a good shot at upsetting them this weekend. Later, Scott


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