On a Last-Minute Monday

Our weekend was full with a Christmas party Friday evening, followed by a stay-over trip to Ft. Wayne, Indiana (3-hour drive) for a family gathering; thus time at home was short. On the other hand … Yippee … no time in a major shopping area!

This is the final week of the hectic shopping season. Stores will be busy, traffic will be a hassle, and some minds will achieve frenzy status. In order to help those needing ideas for the hard-to-buy person, this video will deliver the desire while also starting the crazy week with a chuckle. Have a good week.

10 thoughts on “On a Last-Minute Monday

  1. Kinda reminds me of the mechanics’ apprentice test. Send them to the tool chest for the left-handed screwdriver and the metric adjustable wrench. 😉 Though I think my favourite is imported air for your foreign car’s tires. 😯 😀


  2. Hi,
    Oh yes thank goodness I don’t have to go anywhere near the shops at all until Friday. I like to pick up the fruit and vegs as fresh as possible, but that is all I have to buy now. I will be there when the doors open, I hope to be in and out of there very quickly. 🙂 Xmas Day is on Sunday here in OZ.
    I love the video, what a laugh.


  3. We used to send new cooks to other restaurants for the Left Handed spatula, because that was the only one our grill man could use.
    There were 7 restaurants in 2 blocks, so it was a running gag for all of us.

    I need to find the store that does stock all the stuff those guys were looking for. that video and the 2nd chance were awesome!
    Thanks, Frank


    • Guapo,
      OMG … the left-handed spatula is a wonderful idea … and as you said, perfect for the running gag. What these guys is a hoot, thus imagine the surprise when you turn the page. Thanks for the commenting.


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