On a Grand Hall


With its face towering over a rejuvenated Washington Park in the historic Over the Rhine neighborhood just north of city center, Music Hall is a Cincinnati treasure. Recognized by the US Department of the Interior as a National Historic Landmark (December 1974),

Music Hall is a grand building with a central concert hall, a large ballroom that originally served as an exhibition center for automobile shows, garden shows, and even hosting sporting events. We love ballroom dance events in this venue. I introduced Music Hall in this June 2011 post.

From the first performance on May 14, 1878 (the opera, Alceste, and Beethoven’s Eroica symphony) to serving as the current home to the Cincinnati Symphony and Pops Orchestras, Cincinnati Ballet, May Festival, and more, Music Hall remains the city’s cultural heart. Besides being one of America’s grand concert halls, it also has known as place haunted with ghosts – but friendly ghosts.



One can view its majestic nature from across Washington Park. Is there any doubt that Cincinnati Germans love for music? Nonetheless, its highest peak is quirky.

The Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra (CSO), the fifth oldest orchestra in the America, used a new summer event to welcome its new (13th) conductor, Louis Langrée – who joins the list of CSO Musical Directors as Leopold Stokowski, Max Rudolf, Thomas Shippers, Walter Suskind, Jesús López-Cobos, and Paavo Järvi.

  • The event: LumenoCity 2013
  • The place: Washington Park
  • The background and screen: Music Hall

Enjoy the Fourth Movement of Tchaikovsky’s Symphony No. 4 from LumenoCity 2013, an event using Music Hall’s exterior as a backdrop for a concert also delivering a visual feast that is worth 10 minutes for those who like this sort of thing. Additional information related to this post is below the video.

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40 thoughts on “On a Grand Hall

  1. I love her! I first performed on her grand stage when I was 10 yrs old. I have loved her since the moment I walked through the stage door entrance and sat in the main house. Bowing on her stage. Standing right behind the big velvet red curtain before it is raised, while it is raised and is lowered. Performing with the CSO at my feet. Standing under the stage performing the choir portion of the snow scene from the Nutcracker. I have been blessed to walk in every part of this theatre – in front and behind. The offices, ballroom, back stage…she was a subject for my term paper when I was a senior in high school and my to freshman English research paper while a student at CCM-UC. She is beyond magical and a true national treasure. xx


  2. Beautiful, beautiful building, Frank. And I loved the LuminoCity video. Tchaikovsky’s 4th is the perfect piece for the beautiful laser light show! I watched the whole thing with delight. Thanks for sharing a great post.


  3. Such a beautiful building, Frank, and the Rose Window is spectacular. I can just imagine what it must be like to sit in on a concert there. Great music video. I enjoyed the special lighting effects. 🙂


      • Lots of band/legion halls with weekly dances/everyone polka or waltz from young to old in central TX. Some similar architecture…there were builders from “the old country” that traveled around the nation from commission to commission during the era that many of these grand old buildings went up. They have names of the men that worked and company names – wonder if anyone has tracked their steps back and shown the connections between structures? Could be quite a story there…or many of them.


  4. Beautiful architecture and the light show accompanying Tchaikovsky was breathtaking [although I personally prefer listening to music with closed eyes or simply not focusing on anything my eyes project]. Happy Tuesday, my friend. 🙂


  5. Truly majestic! I love music halls–I had to smile at the difference in architecture between this old beauty and the Los Angeles Music Center, including the Disney Concert Hall. What’s important to me is the music and the acoustics, but this is a beautiful old building, I should say!


    • Debra,
      I recall your pics of the LA Music Center. Oh yes … very different. Acoustically, Music Hall is wonderful. The inside could you an update. There has been talk for several years of reducing the number of seats in the main hall … (it is a large place) … but, as communities do, leaders arguing about how to finance the project.


  6. Wonderful building Frank. They do not build them like that these days. its all steel and glass… Love the video and thank you for taking me to yet another part of the world from my living room chair 🙂


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