On Rowing into the Week

What a wonderful weekend, which means we had wonderful weather, fun, and some relaxation. How was yours? Come on … tell us something!

Ours involved an evening on the ballroom floor, a neighborhood barbecue event (about 150-200 attendees), brunch with my father-in-law, and some outside work. On the downside, I spent too many hours changing our cell phone provider, (something we had to do).

Baseball’s regular season has come to the close with my Reds staying out of last place. Whew … what a disappointing season. The playoffs will start soon, but I probably won’t watch much … after all, my team isn’t playing, so I don’t care. Meanwhile, another Ryder Cup is in the books, so congratulations to the strong golfers of Team Europe.

Celebrations for the Week

  • (Week) Hearing Aid Awareness Week, Chimney Safety Week, Fall Astronomy Week
  • (Mon) Coffee Day, Maritime Day, Goose Day, Broadway Musicals Day, Mocha Day, Gnocchi Day, Attention to Your Grandchild Birth Day. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Day
  • (Tues) Ask a Stupid Question Day (again), Translation Day, Pumpkin Day, Mud Pack Day, Chewing Gum Day, Family Health & Fitness Day, Mulled Cider Day
  • (Wed) It’s a new month!, Balloons Around the World Day, Fire Pup Day, Older Persons Day, Vegetarian Day, Lace Day, Model T Day, Book It! Day, Walk Your Dog Day, Music Day, Intergenerations Day, Raccoon Appreciation Day
  • (Thurs) International Day of Nonviolence, Guardian Angels Day, Custodial Workers Day, Phileas Fogg’s Wager Day, Farm Animals Day, Friend Fried Scallops Day, Name Your Car Day

Now that you are looking ahead to next week, let it be known that I will be hosting a special blog party (right on these pages) next weekend, so add that to your calendar. More about it later in the week, but bring your friends! Besides, some of your know that I’m a good party host.

Some of the celebrations above could be good launching pads to send you into your week, however, I chose the following musical treat to start your week with a smile. Enjoy … and have a good week!


42 thoughts on “On Rowing into the Week

  1. I find it odd that Monday is Broadway Musicals Day because Broadway is always dark on Mondays, Frank. The weather was excellent in NYC, too. The New York Film Festival started on Friday, so Milton and were all over it, and we’ll continue to attend it for the duration (it closes October 12). We live such tough lives.


  2. Sounds like you had a nice weekend. Well, except for that changing cell phone services, anyway. That’s always a time suck you never get back.

    I chilled this weekend with nice walks, a movie, lots of reading. The weather was so nice. But it’s back to work tomorrow. Mondays. We love ’em, don’t we?…


  3. Wonderful weather, here as well. It’s August right?!

    The Jays end the season just behind the Yankees; drats. And John Ferrall, ex manger of the Jays, and the Soxs nowhere to be seen, sweet. Kudos to the Orioles, they earned the right to take a shot at the big prize.

    And the ‘three McDonalds’; O’ Frank. Thanks, I would have gone through life without ever laughing to this.


    • Hudson,
      No question that this year, the O’s were the class of the AL East. Should be interesting to see what they do in the playoffs.

      Weather has been great, although we are very dry … and our next chance is late week .. which also means that’s subject to change. But I imagine the end of the next month will be different for both of us. … and Glad you enjoyed the 3 McDonalds.


  4. Mmmm – I’ve been considering names for my new car – better hurry up and choose one by Thursday! I’ve been enjoying some exciting new walks now the weather is so nice here – I think I shall be very active for the next few months being dragged along various pathways and tracks by one not-so-small-any-more puppy!!


  5. I used to feature odd holidays too–wonder if we use the same site…. Michael McDonald–love his voice–when did we all get old(er)….. Have a great week, Frank!


  6. National Coffee Day – oh how I love today. We had a lovely weekend, having my best friend and her husband over Saturday night. The weather was beautiful all weekend. Oh dear, sadly I miss the blog party, because I will be at the Blissdom Canada Blogger Conference for the weekend. Wishing a good time at yours.


  7. Monday is Coffee Day and was watching CNBC where they were doing an instant poll on which coffee people like better Dunkin Donuts vs Starbucks – guess which won out? Dunkin Donuts by some 63% to 27%, no kidding ~ Here is to a great week ahead, cheers as I tip my coffee!


  8. My weekend was topped off on Sunday afternoon by briefly joining the 1% when I was bumped up to 1st Class on my United Airlines flight back to Dayton from Washington Dulles Airport. Same thing happened back in June (joining the 1%) when my Sunday evening flight from Dulles was canceled due to aircraft maintenance problems and I was put up overnight at an exclusive golf resort overlooking the Potomac River.


  9. Question: do I walk my dog first and then fire him, or is it the other way around?

    You’ll be amused to know that I’ve gotten into theNat’s winning season. A bit. I stopped grumbling, anyway.


    • Elyse,
      Because of your royal status, the order doesn’t matter because whatever you do will be right. Cheers to you lending some of your enthusiasm to the Nats for their playoff run. Good luck to them.


  10. We still have Dodgers/Angels mania going on in our household and family, Frank. I really don’t much care, but there are certain people I live with who care a great deal…I am trying to be a good sport about the time and attention that goes into the game. 🙂 I love the 3 Michael McDonald’s. So clever–and they sound good, too!


    • Debra,
      Oh yes … Angels/Dodgers mania must be something … and all the talk about their possible meeting in a World Series … what are the calling it? … Freeway Series? … Nonetheless, both teams have to win a few times before that can happen. … I figured you would enjoy the 3 Michael McDonalds!


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