On the Word for Monday

How was your weekend? After a few days of rain, the clouds moved out around noon Saturday, but that meant cooler temps arrived. Oh well … that’s the way December is in Cincinnati.

No dancing for us this weekend because the surgeon hasn’t given me the green light – (although it feels fine, I’m being a good patient) – but I still had a good weekend. Let’s see a neighborhood holiday gathering, a college football game, a movie rental (The Monument Men), a trip to Costco, and some odds and ends.

My 2014 Holiday Party is this coming weekend, so make sure you stop by for your gift bag. Besides, the Entertainment Stage (in the comments) will be busy. The party starts at Saturday, 3:00 AM (Eastern US). I’ll be sleeping, but those in the from Europe to New Zealand (plus the US night owls) will get an early start. Your friends are welcome to attend, so your invites are my invites.

Life: The Musical returns this week with Act 14 featuring negative emotions – so all song titles must include a negative emotion. This theme allows many choice, but nope – Love is not a negative emotion, unless the entire song title implies a negative emotion – so be careful because it’s the producer’s call. Curtain time is Wednesday, 9:30 PM (Eastern US).

Celebrations for Your Week

  • (Week) Lager Beer Week, Handwashing Awareness Week, Recipe Greeting for the Holidays Week, Computer Science Education Week, Human Rights Week, You’re Doing a Good Job Week
  • (Mon) Prepare to Be a Time Traveler Day, Take it in the Ear Day, Green Monday, Mother’s Day (in Panama), Brownie Day
  • (Tues) Egil Skallagrimsson Day, Weary Willy Day, Anticorruption Day, Pastry Day, Apple Pie Day
  • (Wed) Dewey Decimal System Day (cheers Audra), Human Rights Day, Nobel Prize Day, Day of Animal Rights, Lager Beer Day
  • (Thurs) Mountain Day, Noodle Ring Day, UNICEF Day

To start your week, here’s a classic .. plus the answer to the  “Why?” question is, Because he can .. so bring on The Trashmen …  Have a good week … and don’t forget the word.


57 thoughts on “On the Word for Monday

  1. I don’t know what the temp is like in Ohio now, but it’s a tad nippy here in New Hampshire. Hopefully the temp around Cleveland will be better by the time I get back.

    What did you think of The Monuments Men? I thought it had such potential, but it didn’t seem to know what kind of movie it wanted to be. It was all over the place. Great cast, though.


  2. I remember “Surfin’ Bird”. I looked it up on Wikipedia to learn the back story about it and I think you might like this anti-factoid, Frank, “There is apparently no truth to the urban legend which circulated in the late 1960s that the song had been written by Leonard Bernstein to show his disdain for rock’n’roll by proving that any song could become a hit.”


  3. It’s is difficult to fathom someone (anyone really) doing “that” for 2 minutes and 20 seconds! I’m exhausted just watching and I think my ears fell off about the half-way 1:10 minute mark.
    And, choosing a Day of the Week (even two days) has always been a favourite…however…I’m going to pass just this once, aFA, because I can’t seem to get past Tuesday’s Weary Willy Day…without thinking all sorts of things originating from all the unlit corners of my mind. Honestly…I didn’t know I had so many unlit corners…..


    • Raye,
      Your thoughts on this song made me laugh. I knew the song, but had never seen the video … and once I saw it, I started to wonder “Why?”.

      I started laughing again with your thoughts regarding Weary Willy Day, my mind wonders as well … thus it’s possible to see positives and negatives to the situation. However, Weary Willie was Emmett Kelly’s clown character.


      • Oh I’m sooo embarrassed…as if my true nature (my embarrassing nature) has been revealed to you and your cast of thousands. Emmett Kelly….Weary Willie….of course, of course, of course!
        However, my first unlit yet darkened connotation of Weary Willy holds sooo many more possibilities. I’m determined to hold on to those fractured thoughts…she said with a wicked-looking grin.


  4. We shared a Costco run this weekend, Frank. I would have done almost anything to have avoided a Saturday trip but it was necessary. I am helping with food tomorrow following a funeral for an old friend. Costco is a big help in those areas, so I braved the crowd. I’m so glad you mentioned the movie “The Monument Men.” We wanted to see that one and I’ve since forgotten all about it! I’ll see you Wednesday! And I’ll be ready for the party next weekend!


    • Debra,
      Oh those Saturday crowds at Costco .. and all those huge carts making it difficult to get to the samples!!!!

      Regarding The Monument Men, we got it from Red Box … thus cheap! Wonderful cast telling a fascinating story that I knew nothing about … simply had no idea … but the movie is a bit slow. … so worthy of Red Box!

      Looking forward to your song on Wednesday … meanwhile, I’m very happy with the opening act I have at this time.


  5. I also visited Costco this past weekend, our store was insanely packed but I did survive. The young man arrived home Saturday and has already hidden my Christmas ducks. I’ve found all but one and am stumped. His cab, bus, subway, train, train and car rides did give my most recent blog post. Happy Monday.


  6. Which college football game?

    This week I’ll be celebrating Human Rights Week, UNICEF Day, Nobel Prize Day, and Dewey Decimal System Day.

    I rented Monument Men and thought it had potential up until they started making the movie.

    Concerning The Trashmen singing “Bird is The Word,” I was speechless then and I’m speechless now.


  7. Yeow! I didn’t get passed 24 seconds, Frank. I vaguely remember that song, and now…. now, it is stuck in my head! Oh gracious. Negative emotions in a song title? Hmmm, gonna have to do a bit of research, I think, on this one. As you know, I’m far behind, so although I don’t know (yet) what it is you’re recovering from, I wish you an even speedier recovery so you and Mrs. Frank can get back on the dance floor!!


  8. I’ll definitely support ‘Anti-corruption Day’. Hope you’re soon able to get back on the dance floor. I’m sure that a visit to Costco must be just as big a workout for your leg, as a few twirls around the dance floor. 😕 I’m racking my brain for negative emotions, but they don’t come easily to me. 😀


  9. Glad you’re healing up, and following “no dancing” instructions for the time being. Oooh, a party–fun! Noting that Tuesday includes Apple Pie, I should tell you I made a cheesecake last week, and topped it with apple pie filling (rather than typical cherries)–it was good. Stay warm and well, Frank.


  10. I read this yesterday while waiting in Dr office with husband but couldn’t comment as we waited so long that my battery ran down…causing many negative emotions.
    Costco is always an adventure….but we didn’t have time and had to rush and fight traffic. .
    Since Costco’s muffins didn’t get into a cart and into the car, will have to devise another treat for the party…thinking…….it’s Christmas. Christmas Tamales are a must locally….obviously goes with cheesecake


  11. I will take Monday Frank.. Seems like I am already a time traveller, I mean where did the week go?? and Last, and the week before that..?? Plus it would be nice to have another Mother’s day, our usually falls in March.. 🙂 so may as well have some treats early ..
    Its rather Cold Wet and windy here at the moment Frank.. The weather forecasters came up with a new way of describing the weather for yesterday. Saying the UK was hit by a ‘Weather Bomb”… 🙂 Gales and Hail.. 🙂


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