On a Music Monday

How was your weekend? Come on now … tell us about it.

A cool, dreary weekend here, but thoseΒ in the northeast US are getting ready to get hammered with a mega-snow. Good luck to my readers up there!

Our weekend had a variety that included dancing, seeing the movie The Theory of Everything (an awesome movie), and ushering at the Cincinnati Playhouse for Ring of Fire: The Music of Johnny Cash. The play featured songs from the American country-music icon while telling a story about his life. Fabulous voices and musicians (which I think were better than this local review). Do you know this song?

Celebrations for your week

  • (Week) Kiss a Shark Week, Leprosy Awareness Week, Clean Out Your Inbox Week, Cowboy Poetry Gathering Week, Snow Sculpturing Week, Glaucoma Awareness Week, Meat Week, Hot Air Balloon Week, Nurse Anesthetists Week
  • (Mon) Clashing Clothes Day, Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day, Peanut Brittle Day, Toad Hollow Day of Encouragement, Australia Day, Television Day, Lotus 1-2-3 Day, Rocky Mountain National Park Day,
  • (Tues) Mad Tea Party Day, Thomas Crapper Day, Day of Commemoration in Memory of the Victims of the Holocaust Day, Mozart Day, Fun at Work Day, Chocolate Cake Day, National Geographic Day, Punch the Clock Day
  • (Wed) Kazoo Day, Pop Art Day, Data Privacy Day, Daisy Day, Challenger Remembrance Day, Blueberry Pancake Day, Ernie’s Day, Thank a Pluggin Developer Day
  • (Thurs) Curmudgeons Day, Freethinkers Day, Puzzle Day, Seeing Eye Dog Day, Carnations Day, Corn Chip Day

The above celebrations provide multiple opportunities to start your week, but I know many of the readers here love a sing along. Have a good week … and hopefully I can read more of your posts than I have been!

105 thoughts on “On a Music Monday

  1. I LOVE the bathtub Conga-line! And while I’ve been quite close to sharks, I wouldn’t necessarily recommend kissing them! We had a great weekend of skiing at Breckenridge and a mellow Sunday – sans football. So what do you think about “Deflategate,” Frank? Sounds fishy to me! πŸ™‚


  2. “Leprosy Awareness Week”—Really? Not something we deal with too much with in the US, luckily. Makes me think of the movie “Papillon.” Did you ever see that? Dustin Hoffman and Steve McQueen. Used to be one of my favorite movies.

    Hmm, guess I went off on a bit of a tangent with this comment…


  3. You have been busy! The show sounds a good one, with lots of iconic tunes I’m sure! I’m heading out to see that movie in a few hours and am looking forward to it. I’m having a catch up on movies week, I finally aw Interstellar last night and really enjoyed it. I love when movies play around with all these different ideas! I’m hoping to catch a showing of Whiplash later this week ……

    I had not seen or heard that highly enjoyable rubber duck song before – and I’m pretty sure it hits all the alarm bells for the PC/Puritan crowd! πŸ™‚ I wonder if it is still shown on ‘Sesame St’.

    There’s a post over at my place with your name on it πŸ™‚


    • Pauline,
      Ah ha .. you saw Interstellar. A good movie, but a bit out there. Interestingly, it fits well with The Theory of Everything. So what did you think of it?

      In terms of the Johnny Cash play, a lot of toe tapping was happening in the audience.


  4. Love me some Johnny Cash. Any time.
    Well now… there is lots to celebrate this week! I truly should clean out my in-box ~ I’ve totally lost control and have an embarrassing amount in there; Peanut brittle day works for me; Tuesday – Whoa! How to celebrate so much in one day! Mozart! Mad Tea Party! Chocolate Cake! It’s too much; love the kazoo and daisies are amongst my favourite flowers… Curmudgeons should not be celebrated (unless you are one; can’t encourage bad behaviour).

    I dunno, Frank; you’ve given us a lot to do this week… I think I shall go ponder which ones will be deserving whilst soaking in my tub with MY rubber duckie!


    • Dale,
      It was interesting looking back at Johnny Cash songs. I admit that there were many songs that I didn’t know. Given all the choices for the week, it seems you won’t have any problem embracing them! Enjoy!!!

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  5. Of course I remember that Johnny Cash song, Frank! My dad loved it. The play you ushered sounded like it was a lot more fun than the one I ushered written by the daughter of a famous father who got 90 minutes of prime off-Broadway New York City stage time to skewer this guy (but names were changed). Ironically, it was nepotism that’s opened doors for her. It certainly wasn’t great original play writing ability. Interesting that Fun at Work Day is scheduled for Tuesday when this coming blizzard could make the commute into The Grind Hell at Work Day.


    • Lame,
      I guess a bad play that gets hammered in a review means that it won’t last. How long do you think it will be open?

      Glad the song took you back to your father. My play was (to me) a musical review with a simple story line – thus easy to sit back and enjoy … although for me, it meant sitting on the steps. With the upcoming blizzard, any chance The Grind will close that day?


      • The play I saw got some rave reviews and has been extended. But I doubt it will play beyond NYC. I think people in other cities will recognize that the emperor is wearing no clothes.

        The subway might close this evening BEFORE rush hour. You can bet your bippy that I will be all over The Powers That Be at The Grind about that!

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        • I hope I can make it back home tonight! This storm sounds That Bad. Of course Milton is irked because it might upset his moviegoing plans. He wasn’t even following the weather reports until I started texting them to him. Now he’s cranky at me – like this storm is my idea! It’s one of the few films he’s never seen, Orson Welles’ “Chimes at Midnight”. It dudn’t make him feel less irritated with me when I mentioned that I saw that one in college about 36 years ago.

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  6. Thanks for influencing me to see the movie “The Theory of Everything” in a theatre instead of waiting for it on Netflix. I’m anxious to know what a person with your science background liked about the film.

    I plan to celebrate Mozart Day tomorrow by watching my “Amadeus” video, which I view from time to time to reaffirm that a “Patron Saint of Mediocrity” exists for those of us without Mozart’s awesome talent (which includes every musician who ever lived).


    • Tim,
      Keep in mind that the movie is one about a scientist, thus not so much a science movie. I enjoyed the story, the acting was good, it carried both the sense of amazement and sadness.

      I finally got around to clarifying your comment on the last OITS … and enjoy Amadeus.


  7. Hi Frank! I’m not too far away from the monster snow storm hitting New England, so hopefully we won’t be affected by it, here in Cleveland…don’t know if anyone will want to celebrate your aforementioned “Snow Sculpting Week,” however, when 3 feet are expected! But who knows?!I loved the movie, “Walk the Line” with Joaquin Phoenix as Johnny Cash – came to mind after reading your post. Cute video, too! Appreciate the short, concise and humorous style here – πŸ™‚

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  8. Love Johnny Cash, and especially this song. Our son is expecting the mega snow up in NJ. He has the generator on hand, just in case. ‘Clashing Clothes Day’ made me smile as I look at my bright pink nightie and my leopard print dressing gown. πŸ˜€ Have a great week, Frank.


    • Sylvia,
      Glad to know that you regularly celebrate Clashing Clothes Day. πŸ™‚ … GIven your love for The Man in Black, you would have loved the play! Good luck to your son and his family …. and cheers to the generator!


  9. If I had to pick a single day to celebrate this week Mr Frank, I think I would pick “Ernie’s Day”. Ernie was the quintessential yin to Bert’s yang. Without Ernie, Bert was just a neurotic pigeon fancier. We call our dog Earl, Ernie as well for the same reasons. He is the Ernie to our other dog Bezia’ls Bert.

    Love Boy named Sue and the counterbalance “Hurt” the cover that Johnny Cash sang not long before he died. I am all about balance here. Cheers for the Sesame Street memories. How many of we mum’s spent a lot of time in front of Sesame Street with our kids last century, back when Sesame Street was innovative and real, when Jim Henson ruled the airwaves and when quality television was comprised of some very clever people with their hands in a puppets rear. Sesame Street is now just a mass conglomeration of political correctness that can’t even hold a candle to what it once was. Sometimes things should just stop. Sesame Street should have just ceased when Jim died. Better to go out with a magnificent pause than drag on in the name of mega profits for family members. OK, off my soap box for today! Have a great day Mr Frank and hopefully it’s not too cold and wet and you have the opportunity to keep warm and enjoy the best bits about winter πŸ™‚


  10. Perhaps instead of cancelling snow on the eastern seabord, they can close everything and simply declare: Snow Sculpturing Week! It sounds like much more fun.

    And I celebrate Thomas Crapper every damn day.


  11. How much fun to usher and see a good show while doing so. johnny Cash was such a character.
    Kiss a Shark? How did anyone get the sharks to agree to that? Probably charging for charity…they might do that. Hope that doesn’t tank that show. (giggles)
    We had sun and warm-ish weather (more until Thurs this week) So got some basic beating of the hedge back into submission and shaped the crepe myrtles before they bud up any more (fools!).
    But it’s only fair we had nice weather after so much fog and rain – we’ll send it off to share shortly.


  12. Mouse,
    Interesting that you mentioned crepe myrtles as I’ve never heard of them until my neighbor has one facing us … beautiful … and I assume climate change is making it season to grow here. It survived last year’s brutal winter, so I assume it will be fine again … thus time will tell.

    Your explanation of kissing a shark seems the most likely … after all, just shows that humans aren’t the only ones influenced by money … and hey hey … cheers to another person who would have enjoyed the Cash show.


  13. I appreciate the review on ‘The Theory of Everything’. My husband has read all of his books and is looking forward to seeing the movie. 😊
    I enjoyed Johnny Cash when he was alive. A boy named Sue was a good song but it didn’t match his strong, powerful man-ness. But, he did make you smile when he sang it.
    My weekend was relaxing as the temps were in the 70’s. I enjoy reading outside when the weather is like that. I praised the fortunate life I have been given and asked for peace for those who needed it. 😊
    Have a GREAT WEEK, eFrank !!!!


    • Izzy,
      Until reading the credits, The Theory of Everything is based on a book his wife wrote. (I can’t recall if I stated that in the post) … Both of us enjoyed it, and the actor’s performance as Stephen Hawking was incredible.

      Cheers to your love for Johnny Cash. I didn’t enjoy him much as a kid, but in retrospect, I have a new appreciation of his work.

      Hooray for your warm weather … and temps that I won’t see for months. πŸ˜‰


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