On Satire Bits: Vol. 125

Welcome back to the first Satire Bits in 5 weeks. That’s right, the last one posted February 10th.

How’s your week gone so far? The past few days has blessed Cincinnati with pleasant weather, so hopefully you’ve experience positive days.

St. Patrick’s Day (Tuesday) was my yearly opportunity to have green spaghetti for lunch, then a delightful dinner at Seasons 52 to celebrate my wife’s birthday. The rest of the week looks a bit hectic, so the next point will be either the return of Opinion in the Shorts or another version of Briefs. Last week’s image of the 5 guys in underwear received many positive comments, so pressure is on!

Below the images are headlines from The Onion’s archives around a theme: Prisons. Because it has been several weeks, don’t forget the Combo Challenge. All anyone has to do is use only the words in the headlines below to form your own original headline. Think a noun, an adjective, a verb, and filler … then you have it. My Combo is at the end.

Have a good rest of the week.

Embed from Getty Images

Prisoner’s right group protests treatment of super-villains in nation’s magnetic detainment cubes

China announces plans to build International Space Prison

WB Network targets booming prison population with new sitcom

Amnesty International demands gentler soap for Indonesian prisoner

Chinese rockers hold benefit for oppression

Study reveals conditions at women’s prisons deplorably unsexy

Nostalgic warden has seen three generations of family coming through

Smoking ban collapses fragile prison economy

Oregon man arrested in Zoophilia sting after propositioning FBI agent posing as a goat in chat room

Lutheran minister arrested for boring young children

Area man doesn’t understand why you’re arresting him now that he has his clothes back on

Congress arrested on manslaughter charges

My Combo: Goat reveals Congress as deplorably boring

59 thoughts on “On Satire Bits: Vol. 125

  1. Fragile Chinese man collapses at benefit for Indonesian young children. 🙂

    This week? So far, so good! I had some corned beef and cabbage, but nothing green! Green spaghetti will be on my list for next year!


  2. This one actually sounds true
    “arrested on charges of propositioning Chinese man posing as Indonesian goat, Congress man collapses in prison after FBI agent reveals his deplorably boring unsexy demands.”


  3. To make up for rarely posting a mashup, here’s 2

    China announces super-villains in gentler soap for Indonesian prisoner

    Amnesty International demands Lutheran minister sting young children


  4. Oregon man charges Chinese rockers for goat cubes ~ have a wonderful weekend! Hit 80 yesterday, 70’s today and rain most of this week that we are thrilled about. Pink Magnolia tree in full bloom ~


  5. Green spaghetti – as long as the green ain’t mold! 😉
    Happy Belated Bday to Mrs. Frank. 😀

    My combo: Study reveals congress doesn’t understand women.


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