Opinions in the Shorts: Vol. 350

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Although I took a low-key approach to #2000, I greatly appreciate the comments. Yes, they collectively choked me up a bit. Thank you!

I can’t believe WordPress didn’t sent me a special badge. Then again, maybe they did, but I can’t find it.

I had to look, but the first 1,000 took 4 years 1 month … the second thousand took almost 5 years 5 months. Especially given my age, I’m trending in the wrong direction for the next 2,000! But hey – thanks for the encouragement. 🙂

I had to check the party for #1000. I enjoyed looking at the names from the past. Approximately 67 attended: 12 are still here (more than half attended #2000), 14 are still active bloggers but no longer visit, and 42 are no longer active.

My next venture: The IF Challenge. A new (and temporary) page detailing this challenge on a tab. Bottom line, construct a post centering around the word “if”. Writer’s choice of format (poem, short story, graphic, etc). Dates are TBA – probably a specific announcement in the next OITS for the challenge post within 7 days after.

This weekend I hope to introduce readers to BLINK Cincinnati, which will be a series of posts.

We saw The Post (Meryl Streep/Tom Hanks). Thumbs up – but I enjoyed Darkest Hour more. As with any movie based on history, details are often omitted (because of time), massaged or even made-up to improve the movie’s flow – therefore, I often wonder how much of the movie is true. Here’s one such view of The Post.

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Here’s an interesting post about integrity by a blogger that I don’t know. Raye, thanks for leading me there.

The government shutdown was ridiculous. The 3 comments below stuck with me this week.

A president who can’t make a deal, Republicans struggling to govern, Democrats shaped by their anti-Trump base. (Dan Balz, Columnist, Washington Post)

What’s striking is Republican operatives said to me they think this president is erratic, he’s undisciplined, he’s inconsistent which makes it tough for him when he tries to get himself engaged in a deal like this. (Peter Alexander, NBC National Correspondent)

Where’s the empathy in my party? Al Cardenas, Republican Strategist)

This article by The Guardian definitely has an intriguing title: “The 12 Weirdest Days From Trump’s First Year”.

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To lead you into this week’s dose of satirical headlines, The Onion capsulizing the history of the World Economic Forum.

Weekly Headlines from The Onion (combos welcome)
Area man thinks movie he saw should have been nominated
Lustful man sensually uses one hand to unhook clasp of take-out box
Ophthalmologist instructs patient not to look at anything 24 hours before eye surgery
Man wishes women in crowded bar would let him read Jane Austen novel in peace
Newborn has father’s asshole
Real life Michelin Man dies (Photo here)

Interesting Reads
Defending the grid
Soybean to diesel fuel: is it worth it?
Feeding 1.4 billion Chinese
Feeding 10 billion people globally
Plague Fort in Russia
(Photos) London Lit

To send you into the weekend, here’s another one from The Cars on the way to their upcoming induction. In the words of Garrison Keillor, Be well, do good work, and keep in touch.

38 thoughts on “Opinions in the Shorts: Vol. 350

  1. Never depend on WordPress for anything. For my 1,000th, I did a blog-roast where a bunch of my bloggy-buddies went all Don Rickles on me. In other words, I don’t need no stinkin’ WordPress badges.

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  2. Forget the low-key approach! #2000 was big and you roundly deserved the acclaim.

    I haven’t seen “The Post” yet but I liked “Darkest Hour” so much I checked out from the library Vol. 3 of William Manchester’s “The Last Lion” which picks up on Winston Churchill’s life at the same time in 1940 as the movie and continues until his death in 1965. Fascinating stuff from which a lot went verbatim into the movie screenplay.

    Speaking of fascinating stuff, your first four reads will be Essential Reading for me as I travel the next few weeks, with the two food articles going immediately to DC in Taiwan.

    All the Onions were trying too hard. No splats.

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  3. Every time I hear excuses from one of these privileged bottom feeders for not doing the right thing, it makes me want to ralph. I condemn all as useless regardless of race, gender, nationality, or party alliance. One would think duty to country would take the first priority. Hard to find examples of that in this bunch. Turning to a more pleasant subject, I enjoyed being here for your 2000th. Thanks for continuing to entertain and stimulate, Frank. You know who is to blame for my rant.

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  4. “Lustful man uses one hand to read Jane Austen novel in peace” . . .

    So the challenge hey? Yay!

    You may be slowing down as per the volume of posts, but hey, Tom Brady is slowing down too and he’s probably going to win MVP, so there’s that. And besides Frank, it’s the quality of your posts that keep us coming back.

    Go Cincy!

    Peace and pitchers and catchers . . .

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  5. Yes, thank you Raye for sharing Jill’s “Integrity” post. Excellent read!

    Yay! An aFA challenge! You can be darn tootin’ sure I shall share with my readers as well. Ya never know, we could get more participants. Lookit you, already giving me a role 😉

    As for your stats… please. I’ve been blogging since August 12, 2013, and have a mere 477 posts posted and 6 drafts that may or may not ever see the light of day. I think you’re doing fabulous. And like Marc says, it’s not quantity, it’s quality. You must know… how long have I been following you, thanks to RRR? I know for sure it’s been over 3 years as you were the sweetest in checking up on me at that horrid time… No matter, not a moment’s regret!

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  6. To be honest, I never look at my stats! I probably should, but I blog to share my ‘flashes’ of life with readers, to read their wonderful flashes (and opinions, like yours 🙂 ) and to let readers know about my books. But if my stats were low, I don’t think I’d change anything. On the other hand, I do see blogs in which bloggers don’t seem to try and really interest or engage their readers. They probably have low stats for a good reason. Oh my. Well, from my point of view, your blog is great!

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    • Pam,
      There was a time when I focused on stats. Early on it was a guidance … then one can get too wrapped up in it. Over time, I figured it that stats were not important, so I now consider I like to catch milestones. In the case of the numbers I used in this post, curiosity drove me to determine some numbers. After all, I’ve been doing this long enough to see people come and go. The most worthless stat is the number of followers.

      Nonetheless, thanks for the kind words!

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  7. I’m finding it a huge challenge to keep up with blogging–both reading and writing, but I will be interested in your next challenge and we’ll see how that goes. I see several articles in your list I will want to read, in particular the two highlighting the continuing challenge to feed an expanding population.And I really enjoyed The Post, as I’m finding myself reading more about that particular time in our history, remembering the years and circumstances, of course, but often find the details are hazy!

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    • Debra,
      The 60s were one of those generations that will live in infamy … and 1968 alone is the most tumultuous year in the US. I know, The Post was early 70s, but the Vietnam War was throughout the 60s.

      BTW: Think about the way The Post ended. I don’t believe they showed dates, but there was 1 year between the Supreme Court’s ruling and the final scene.


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