On the Artist’s Mind

The past December I searched for a new header for this blog, and readers kindly gave me opinions on the choices I provided. Besides giving the paper some pop, I picked my current header because it is full of life and resembled a vibrant tangle of brain neurons.

Before the input, I favored the one below, and it still intrigues me. Although artists say something in their works, they place greater emphasis on what the viewer sees. Before reading more, pause to stare and think: What do you see in this image? I’ll say more below.


Besides fitting the site’s color scheme, in this picture I saw aspects of my own life: a thinker, but one at peace; an independent mind away from the masses, to see a different way; a contrarian nature.

Comments on the post and conversations with friends brought for a wide range of thoughts: the thinker, dark, and lost hope. A friend noted the slumped shoulders, no oars, and no signs of motion – signifying lost and going nowhere.
So, the next time you find yourself wondering what the originator was saying, don’t be like me trying to figure out the original thought; but concentrate on what you see and think while understanding that someone else has a totally different impression.

Please add your comments on the boat image.

The image is courtesy of Mr. Doubts.


6 thoughts on “On the Artist’s Mind

  1. I think it’s a beautiful picture…But it does make me think of being lonely, or lost…Very cool post!

    To me, there simply so much going on in this pic, hence the post.


  2. Frank, from an art/creative director since the days of xacto knives and rubber cement. It is indeed a serene image and the colors are nice. It has one salient flaw. The focal point is centered. Generally frowned upon by designers.

    I knew I could count on you for a different view from others. Thanks.


  3. I liked both images when you originally posted about it, but I leaned towards the current one you have.

    The backdrop is nice and reminds me of a person that is deep thinker. However, it also strikes me as someone that is lost without a way to be found because it appears he’s in the middle of nowhere. Still, it is a striking picture.

    Nice post as always buddy!

    Thanks …. Although I didn’t pick it, I still like this one.


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