On a Monday Bounce

Another weekend has closed. How was yours?

No ballroom time for us this weekend as my in-laws anniversary bash dominated the spotlight. Attendees had a good time and my in-laws were very pleased.

Nonetheless, between the preparation, the event, the aftermath, family in town, etc … something was always on the hot burner. Reminds me of being on a pogo stick. Well, not quite like those in the video, but they do provide humorous and head-scratching moments. Then again, my pogo stick history is very short.

Have a good week.


31 thoughts on “On a Monday Bounce

  1. I am so glad you didn’t show me that video years ago. My son is amazing on the pogo stick. He could jump for an hour, carrying on a normal conversation. I could jump up once or twice on a good day …


    • George,
      Oh definitely ouch!!! Even by some non-riders. Keep in mind that Monday Morning Entertainment is all about enjoyment – even if it comes at the expense of others. 😉 Thanks for visiting.


    • Spiced,
      I think this video was put together by the group of boys in the video. I did a quick search on YouTube for pogo sticking females, but didn’t find anything like this … so hey – you may be on to something. Thanks for visiting.


  2. Funny video. For some reason sphincter spasms comes to mind again. Personally, unlike those people in your video, I’ve never got the point of pogo sticks, or unicycles come to that…


    • Fsab,
      Although I tried a pogo stick sometime, I don’t believe I ever tried a unicycle! Thanks for the video, which some of the scenes reinforces one important question …. Why? Thanks for sharing.


  3. Never mastered the pogo stick. Did do stilts for a while, but after a while, I got board. 😉
    Nothing big accomplished this weekend, just a heck of a lot of yard work ’cause it was GLORIOUS! After weeks of 90+ (with occasional forays into the 100s), I actually had to find a long-sleeved shirt! (Only for rain protection, as it was determined to drizzle while I trimmed. Who says you can’t whack in the rain? 😀 )


    • John,
      AKA … Stilt Master! Your experiences continue to amaze me! Meanwhile, glad you had a chance to get some things done outside with the great weather. No rain for us in the transition though as it went above and below us. Thanks for commenting.


  4. Never tried a pogo stick and looks like I never will after seeing this clip. “You got to know when to hold ’em, know when to fold ’em, know when to WALK AWAY…” 🙂 Unlike the young men in the clip, I know that i can break something and die. Thanks for making me cringe, though!


  5. Happy anniversary to your in-laws! Enjoy the quietness of the coming week after all that surrounds such a big occasion. Condolences to the folks in the video.

    The pogo stick was a favorite of mine for two summers. So were the stilts my dad built for me. The unicycle, on the other hand, was a HUGE mistake. I saw a guy on a unicycle on the bike path recently, and almost had unicycle envy until I remembered that my circus days were over after spending two summers trying to learn how to ride on one wheel and never quite accomplishing it. The trapeze on the other hand was something I knew I could do if only someone would let me… 😉


    • Robin,
      Whoa! You were quite the dare devil. Pogo stick, stilts, unicycle … I’m impressed. Meanwhile, there’s still a chance to do trapeze! Don’t give up hope!!! 🙂 Meanwhile, thanks for the best wishes for my in-laws … and of course for commenting.


      • Well, I started as an acrobat and gymnast, Frank, so all that stuff (along with the trampoline and dirt bike riding) were pretty much done in stride. I think I used up all my courage during my first 20 years of life. lol!


  6. Great reason not to buy my grandchildren a pogo stick! I can’t imagine what some of these guys were thinking. They clearly aren’t Physics majors. I’m so pleased to know that your in-laws were happy with their party. Celebrations of family are so important…even though they are often also a lot of work! 🙂 Hope you can get some ballroom in soon! D


    • Debra,
      Ha ha … no pogo stick for your grandchildren … We had a large contingent of family members come from Detroit (about a 5-hour drive), …. to other couples also from Michigan, and several from Cleveland (3.5-hour drive). So the fact that people came that distance was special. … and the plan is to return to the ballroom this weekend. Thanks for commenting.


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