On a Monday Rattle

After a Friday night on the ballroom floor, our weekend was fairly uneventful. How was your weekend? Surely someone out there did something exciting!

In this post by Leo (Doggy’s Style), he explained his appreciation for Tic-Tacs Cinnamon, which got me thinking – after all, I’m a fan of the white Tic-Tacs.

I imagine some of the readers here are Seinfeld fans, thus may remember the episode of the sound caused by Tic-Tacs when walking. What if someone transformed that sound into music?

For your Monday Morning Entertainment, I present the music of Tic-Tac Man. Have a good week!

66 thoughts on “On a Monday Rattle

  1. Believe it or not, I am STILL shoveling snow! Batting cleanup, actually. Getting rid of old piles of crap and ice that doesn’t want to die. That, and restocking with firewood. We had two offers of wood that we weren’t sure would work out, so we asked for both – and got ’em! From famine to mega-feast – now I gotta find places to PUT it all! 😀
    Enjoy our … “Indian Fall”? (Hey, warm fall weather is called “Indian Summer”, so wouldn’t warm winter weather be “Indian Fall”? 😉 )


    • John,
      This week is going to get progressively warmer, so break up the piles and let nature do its work … thus you can concentrate on dealing with the wood feast. Thanks for commenting.


  2. I like Seinfeld but I seldom watched the show because I loathe network TV with all those commercials. Fun video! I spent much of the weekend writing and I saw “Django Unchained” at my neighborhood multiplex. It’s extremely violent but that’s typical Quentin Tarantino. Overall, I thought it was a very well made film. As with “Inglorious Basterds”, he’s once again created an historical fantasy for the silver screen.


  3. There really is a place for all of us in this world. I’m glad he found his niche. And sorry to disappoint, didn’t do anything exciting this weekend unless you count watching movies and sports on the telly. Still recovering from all of the holiday celebrating–the wallet needs the most recovery.


    • TBM,
      Great point about everybody having a niche. It’s also a good example tthat human creativity seems to unlimited potential. Cheers to taking it easy this weekend with the telly! Thanks for stopping by.


  4. Well he certainly got my toes tapping, Frank. 🙂 We spent the weekend laying wooden flooring, and are still busy with it. Went out with friends for dinner at the club on Saturday evening. That was a really well deserved break and most enjoyable. Have a great week.


  5. I like the mint ones myself, Frank. The Tic-Tac man is quite something. He knows how to work the crowd. It reminded me of Himalayan music. I’m not sure if that’s what it’s called. I went to an amusement park this weekend and it rained on us. No fun!


    • Amy,
      Hooray to another person who appreciates Tic-Tacs. Agree on the music … also reminds me of music from the Andes. The amusement park sounds like fun, but not in the rain. Bummer. Thanks for stopping by.


    • Lynn,
      As our resident composer, I’m looking forward to your inclusion of Tic-Tacs into one of your original compositions. Oh my my …. you may turn this into a challenge for your students! Thanks for visiting.


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