On XM SPA: Channel 72

Some say “hot tub”, but my friend says “Shhhhhpppaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.” But this post is about music – not about the comfort of warm water and jet action.

For whatever reason, my posts on XM radio are popular, so hear are some thoughts about XM channel 72 (Sirius Channel 73), SPA, which replaced XM’s AudioVisions (Channel 45) during the XM’s post-merger channel reorganization.

New Age music is peaceful, melodic music of various styles. Think of music for yoga, massage, and relaxation; but think beyond the tinkly-a-boos or nature-oriented sounds. New Age is most commonly instrumental, both electronic or acoustic forms, and featuring sounds from a variety of cultures; however, it can be upbeat.

Here are some thoughts about Spa

  • New Age followers will find some familiar artists on SPA as Kitaro, Hans Zimmer, David Lanz Vangelis, Yanni, and George Winston
  • SPA seems to integrate a sense a down-tempo, melodic, contemporary sound, whereas AudioVisions was more committed to New Age
  • SPA still provides tickly-a-boos, but probably less frequent than AudioVisions
  • A tagline: SPA – A soundtrack of peace

Although AudioVisions was my second favorite station on the old XM, I still listen to SPA … and it’s still #2 – but I prefer AudioVisions over SPA.

Since not everyone has XM or Sirius radio, here’s a New Age music tip. I enjoy listening to Echoes (on NPR) as I go to sleep. Click here to find a station near you carrying Echoes.

7 thoughts on “On XM SPA: Channel 72

  1. I personally don’t have XM Radio, but this is good info about Channel 72. I’m really into just about any kind of music, and New Age is no exception.

    I like the tagline for Spa, too.

    Nicely done.


  2. Frank, thanks for the info. Like David, I do not have XM in the trusty pickup, but my wife does in her Pilot. On your advice, I will hit 72 when I am in the vehicle again.
    Having eclectic tastes in music is a good thing. In the same hour, I can be happy listening to Bach Concertos, Led Zepplin, and George Jones, plus a smattering of Bluegrass and dirt-under-the-fingernails blues.
    If you do not have any online listening preferences, I suggest downloading and installing WinAmp and then looking through the ShoutCast Radio options.
    I keep music going in the background most of the time when I am on-line except when I am writing,


    • Hey hey Joe … an electic music range is another thing we have in common! But I don’t stray too much into bluegrass land.

      Thanks for the online radio tip. I occasionally go to SKYfm.

      Thanks for dropping by … and as you know, I’m late on seeing your weekly trip through pictures and thoughts.


  3. Frank, you can access sky FM on ShoutCast, also if you are into Baroque, looks for Otto’s Baroque. I access it through ShoutCast.
    I have a small Klipsch computer speaker system set up, which is a vast improvement the run-of-the-mill computer speakers.


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