On a Choir of Voices

Two years ago (2007) friends of our asked us if we would like to attend an outdoor concert since they received 4 tickets from a friend. The concert was a joint performance of the Cincinnati Pops Orchestra and the Mormon Tabernacle Choir. Since both groups are acclaimed (and we later discovered had never performed together), we decided to attend – plus it was free.

My wife says it best when telling the story of holding low expectations, which was quickly dispatched as soon as the sound from 300+ voices smacks you in the face. Whether it’s their powerful voices, their stoic nature, or subtle precision of their movements, it was a memorable event.

Last night, the Mormon Tabernacle Choir returned to town to once again be with the Pops. Different friends asked us to join them, but this time on the lawn; plus this time we knew what to expect … and we paid. They did not disappoint the 10,000+ crowd.

This YouTube video is a Nigerian Carol that displays the choir’s power, versatility, and precision – yes, my favorite piece of the 2007 and last night. Enjoy.