2009 College Football Home and Away

As a whole, BCS teams have the biggest facilities, thus home games are a financial bonanza. This year (2009) is the first time I examined the home-away breakdown of out-of-conference (OOC) games as shown on the chart below by conferences.

7 of 66 teams host all OOC games: Auburn, Florida, Michigan North Carolina State, Oklahoma State, Penn State, and Tennessee

An additional 5 teams also don’t travel other than to a neutral site: Alabama, Kentucky, Ohio State, Oklahoma, Texas A&M – Included with the 7 above, 12 or 66 (18.2%) lack any true away OOC games

In many cases, neutral sites are cities nearby the nonBCS school, yet (depending on the location) the BCS school may dominate the crowd. The most bizarre OOC game on a neutral site is Notre Dame-Washington State in San Antonio, Texas

Only 2 of 66 BCS teams (3%) play more OOC away games than home: UConn & USC

Cheers to the following BCS teams willing to travel to the MAC

  • UConn @ Ohio U
  • Pitt @ Buffalo
  • Cincinnati @ Miami
  • Indiana @ Akron
  • Colorado @ Toledo

Cheers to the following BCS teams willing to travel to the Sun Belt

  • Mississippi State @ Middle Tennessee
  • South Florida @ Western Kentucky
  • Kansas State @ Louisiana Lafayette

Any conclusions?

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5 thoughts on “2009 College Football Home and Away

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  2. great breakdown. Its nice to see some of the schools are willing to play some road non conference games. It seems unfair when Florida gets to play 8 games in the swamp but I guess that’s college football.


  3. I think Oregon deserves a little love for traveling to Boise St. to play on the Blue Turf and challenge the Broncos incredible home winning streak. This game has BCS bowl game implications and it is week 1!!! In all, the SEC and Big-10 schedule very weak OOC games. This helps their conference to look better than it is as more teams become bowl eligible. Great breakdown…. I really like your stuff.


    • Jacob,
      Oregon deserves a lot of love for going to Boise! … and well as some other teams. The purpose of this list was simply to focus on the two smallest mid-major conferences.

      Thanks for the comment.


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