On the Scale of It All

We’ve gone on a journey to start the new year – a journey has included the sky, an amazing flight, human ingenuity through art and physics, music, plus today and tomorrow. I hope each of you enjoyed these, so please invite some friends to visit.

As I have stated many times, the universe is one heck of a creation. From the size to the dependencies, interrelations, and continual creation, the narrow, the wonders of this universe are awesome. Those that best know these pages realize know that no journey would be complete without a trip into the universe – especially a journey from subatomic particles to deep space –  and to the music of Vangelis.

22 thoughts on “On the Scale of It All

  1. Hi,
    A fantastic video, I enjoyed every minute of that. It makes you see just how small we are in the big scheme of things, and the perfect quote at the end.

    One thing I have learnt in a long life is:
    All our science against reality is primitive and childlike.
    A. Einstein.


  2. So, so far beyond human comprehension. I loved the quote from Einstein. Scientists love to quote him and claim to be “of him”. But he seemed to blow of most of these claims, never taking himself too seriously.


  3. I just watched a piece about the universe. It was from 1960. Such a short time ago and we believed we were seeing vegetation on Mars!

    One of my grandfathers lived to be 99 and died in 1976. It was amazing the changes he saw in his lifetime, from covered wagons to the moon landing. Think of the new information my own grandkids will have.


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