On a Small World

Yesterday journey started at the subatomic level, displayed on Earth in the beautiful city of Venus, and only to drop us off somewhere in deep space. Simply wow – the scale of it all.

I appreciate deep space. After all, most of my headers (including this one) have been images from the Hubble Telescope. (See my Past Headers page).

Although the universe is vast, telescopes as Hubble have brought something very far away seem so person and close. On the other hand, let us not forget the beauty of the microscopic world. Who would have ever thought that cells, bacteria, and viruses within the human body had such intricate beauty.

PS: I have one more tomorrow.

8 thoughts on “On a Small World

  1. Just a quick stop to let you I’m still alive – somewhat.
    I’ll stop in again for more, once I’ve beaten my Inbox into submission …. or vice-versa.


  2. Wonderful, Frank. The images are amazing. I have an artist friend who discovered the miracle art of the body, and went “viral” so to speak in her drawings and paintings. I could be wrong but it seems to me the beauty of life, all life, and the universe repeats itself on all scales.


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