Opinions in the Shorts: Vol. 124

On Politics
Rick Perry’s candidacy ended several days before I thought it would.

With all the Republicans rage able President Obama’s rejection of the Keystone Pipeline, why is the Republican governor of Nebraska wanting a re-route for he would approve?

Very interesting that instead of losing the Iowa caucus by 8 votes, Rick Santorum won by 32 votes. Better yet, where as the Iowa Republican Party previously declared Mitt Romney the winner, the party now calls it a virtual tie. Ah yes … consider this an example that the power is not in the voters, but with the ones counting the votes.

Governor Romney changing from declaring victory to promoting a virtual tie is another example of fuzzy math. No wonder he is reluctant to release his tax returns.

Yippee … Congress is back in session!

Thursday morning I heard Sen. David Vitter (R-LA) explain (regarding SOPA) that the legislation will likely not proceed as quickly because “it is important for us to get it right.” Sorry Senator, that’s what I always expect and have no confidence in Capitol Hill to do that on any issue.

State of the Union is next week and a great chance for our senators and representatives to make asses of themselves on national television. Try sitting and listening for a change without partisan interruptions you jackwagons.

On Headlines from The Onion
Mischievous Raccoon Wreaks Havoc on International Space Station
Pervert Thinks You Seem Tense
Supreme Court Overturns Right v. Wrong
Poll Finds Americans Open to Third Type of Screwdriver
Local Woman Dies of Lost Cell Phone
Justin Timberlake Wins Golden Globe for Funniest Goofball at His Table

Special Edition: On Political Headlines from The Onion
President Obama Wonders Why He Always has to Initiate Phone Call with NCAA Champions
Minnesota Braces for Return of Bachmann’s Full Attention
Tentacle Quickly Smooths Romney’s Hair
Grover Norquist Admits Engaging in Week-Long Drug-Fueled Orgy with Corporate Income Taxes
Critics Slam Obama for “Just Standing There” during Photo Op
Congress Gets 12 Solid Hours of Gridlock before Calling it a Day

On Potpourri
We have our first nominee for 2012 Dolt of the Year – Costa Concordia Captain Francisco Schettino.

Last Monday, many commented that they still enjoy holding a book. In a similar thought, I still enjoy holding a newspaper. Unfortunately, many newspapers are a mere shell of their past. On the plus side, the Internet allows many news outlets to be a click away. Because I still have the urge to hold a good newspaper and with the Cincinnati Enquirer continually getting smaller and smaller, I have purchased the weekend edition of the Wall Street Journal.

The work project his hitting the fan, thus will be demanding many hours for a few months. So far, I’ve been able to keep up with posts, replying to comments has been slow, and visiting others has been minimal. Starting next week, I will cut back to three posts per week. Thanks for everyone’s patience and understanding.

In the words of Garrison Keillor, Be well, do good work, and keep in touch.

20 thoughts on “Opinions in the Shorts: Vol. 124

  1. Hi,
    I love the headline
    “Mischievous Raccoon Wreaks Havoc on International Space Station”
    the mind really does boggle at that one. 😀

    Yes I also get the weekend paper, I still enjoy reading a real newspaper, and a real book, as well as reading newspapers online. The same thing is happening here in Australia as well, the newspapers seem to be getting thinner. 😦

    Try not to work too hard, you still need time to relax every now and then. 🙂


    • Mags,
      Cheers for me as I thought you would appreciate the raccoon headline! Meanwhile, I imagine physical newspapers worldwide are getting smaller.

      As far as the work project goes, I told someone today that the first day I walked in, I unknowingly entered a 10 ft pit with a plastic shovel kids use at the beach, while not only noticing the pit, but also the big pile of soil outside the pit with the bulldozer behind it. On the plus side, I’m only scheduled to be there until the end of March.

      Thanks for asking and for visiting!


  2. Sadly, I can’t see the campaigning getting any more sensible now that Newts personal life is on the table.
    As a Dem, I really wish the other party had someone I could at least respect as a person.

    Fortunately, the NY times still puts out a full paper. And has a great crossword to boot!


    • Guapo,
      I think I can get the Sunday NY Times here, but not sure. And as an independent, I wish the same. But as I recently stated, the aspect of GOP overreach scares me.

      Thanks for commenting.


  3. I understand about reading the paper. I’ve read the local paper where every I have lived. Growing up our family subscribed and read three papers a day. But now I am considering cancelling my subscription. The paper will decrease to having home delivery three times a week beginning next month. I’m just not sure it is worth it any more. Makes me sad to think about being without a print paper, but it is worth $170+ a year? Really? no


  4. I too am alarmed by the reduced size of most of the nation’s newspapers, but overall I think the Cincinnati Enquirer is hanging in there pretty well with the quality of their product. Concerning your decision to begin purchasing the weekend addition of the Wall Street Journal, I suggest you balance that paper’s slant with the Sunday edition of the New York Times.


  5. What – you don’t think Captain Shettino accidentally FELL into a life boat and for that reason left the ship? I think that is in the running for “Worst Excuse Ever”.

    Ah Perry, back to Texas where all you need is a good hairstylist to make a name for yourself.


  6. Seen from the outside (not been US American – but still in the country at the moment), I am just amazed about this soap opera called primary takes new twists around every corner, which I believe will only continue into the “real” election when time comes.


    • Otto,
      Oh my … your opinion from the outside is right on … the crazy and sad thing is the number of people who get caught up/buy into this level of patheticness. Then again, maybe that explains the popularity of reality shows. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!


  7. Me, I’m rooting for a Stephen Colbert/Herman Cain romp in South Carolina. While I doubt he could land first, I hope for a place or show finish for Stephen. Not only will it provide excellent fodder for his show, but with any luck, it’ll drill home what a farce these primaries really are!
    “Congress gets in 12 hours of gridlock before calling it a day.” And this differs from the average day on the Hill exactly how? 😉


    • John,
      Mr. Colbert is using his humor in an attempt to educate America. Then again, those needing to learn are the ones thinking he’s just joking or doing a ratings stunt. Meanwhile, that Congress headline is a great one! Thanks for stopping commenting.


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