On a Reblog: Independent Moderates

The political season in the U.S. creates a lot of discussion. For me, as Democrats claim I’m a Republican, and the Republicans call me a Democrat, I smile – after all, I’m an independent moderate.

This post originally appeared here on Sept 22, 2008 when this blog was less than a month old – and it tells who I am politically – and it is applicable for in other countries as well. Feel free to comment either here or on the original post.

A Frank Angle

Independent moderates view bumper stickers, laugh, then shake their heads.

Independent moderates see the best and the worst of the two parties at the same time.

Independent moderates view the political landscape as a football field, thus never let the ball cross either 30 yard line.

Independent moderates know all media is naturally biased, thus pick their preferred network on other factors.

Independent moderates honestly criticize or praise both sides.

Independent moderates have a better understanding of issues and positions because they study and don’t automatically side with a partisan party.

Independent moderates don’t jump on a party bandwagon because they don’t trust where the wagon is going.

Independent moderates don’t like nick-picky bickering, campaign BS, nonanswers to questions, and lack of specifics.

Independent moderates not provoke fear if candidate X in party Y is elected.

Independent moderates balance government programs with fiscal responsibility.

Independent moderates listen and reflect.


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