On a Reblog: Independent Moderates

The political season in the U.S. creates a lot of discussion. For me, as Democrats claim I’m a Republican, and the Republicans call me a Democrat, I smile – after all, I’m an independent moderate.

This post originally appeared here on Sept 22, 2008 when this blog was less than a month old – and it tells who I am politically – and it is applicable for in other countries as well. Feel free to comment either here or on the original post.

A Frank Angle

Independent moderates view bumper stickers, laugh, then shake their heads.

Independent moderates see the best and the worst of the two parties at the same time.

Independent moderates view the political landscape as a football field, thus never let the ball cross either 30 yard line.

Independent moderates know all media is naturally biased, thus pick their preferred network on other factors.

Independent moderates honestly criticize or praise both sides.

Independent moderates have a better understanding of issues and positions because they study and don’t automatically side with a partisan party.

Independent moderates don’t jump on a party bandwagon because they don’t trust where the wagon is going.

Independent moderates don’t like nick-picky bickering, campaign BS, nonanswers to questions, and lack of specifics.

Independent moderates not provoke fear if candidate X in party Y is elected.

Independent moderates balance government programs with fiscal responsibility.

Independent moderates listen and reflect.


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29 thoughts on “On a Reblog: Independent Moderates

  1. Hi,
    Very well said, and it’s the same here in Australia, we also have media that is bias, and it would be great if journalists for all newspapers would report not just the party line, but ask some decent questions as well, although I won’t hold my breath on that one. 😀


  2. Frank, no question you’re the real deal independent moderate. It’s the MINO’s (Moderates In Name Only) that drive me up the wall! Also, have you considered becoming an independent moderate radio talk show host? You would put the right wingers out of business because folks on both ends of the political spectrum would be calling in to see if they could push you over to their side of the 30 yd. line!


  3. Frank, I have recently been reassessing my politics because of several brain and behavioral studies that indicate that political preference is more than it seems. Here’s one link on brain research and political leanings: http://richardbrenneman.wordpress.com/2011/04/08/are-political-differences-hardwired-in-the-brain/.

    Here’s another one on Google correlative searches and what they show: http://www.npr.org/2012/01/02/144572891/google-searches-are-a-window-into-our-culture. Shocking data on food and tv show preferences related to our political stance!

    Still, I own up to my own political bias but am always open to alternatives while keeping a somewhat jaundiced view of politicians and politics in general – I don’t think musicians like politics in general 🙂 On the other hand, classical and jazz musicians are worlds apart in every way except musical talent!

    So, I’m thinking that political leanings may be a left brain/ right brain kind of deal. If so, independent moderates may be the balanced brain of political thinking -assessing but not fearing risk while entertaining new options! Let’s hear it for true balance 🙂 Life is infinitely interesting, is it not?


    • Lynn,
      Thanks for the links. I would tend to think that there is something in our innate wiring that would initiate what our political leanings are going to be. From there, environment comes into play, but the wiring remains. As for as right/left brain, I’m much more logical and a thinker than a creative one … so I’m not sure that fits with me. Oh well – still interesting to ponder! Thanks for sharing!!!


  4. I have to admit to being a “shrinking conservative” – becoming less conservative (or at least less GOP) as time and money passes. Especially money – it was way easier being a diehard GOP member when my wallet was well padded and medical insurance was comprehensive. Little income and no insurance make John a WAY less conservative boy! 😀


  5. Frank! I liked reading you in the genesis of your blog career. You’ve stayed consistent, and I admire that you are open-minded. I agree with many of those points, and like to hear the argument from the other side. I opened up a sh*tstorm on NPR–if you want to get people going in the public forum, mention guns. My editor says I need to write a piece about abortion next (ha, ha).

    I’m with you. I don’t hate people or assume they think something because they are Dems or Repubs. I choose my friends based on their ability to gracefully disagree with me and visa versa!


    • Les,
      I aim for consistency, but then again, each of us waiver from time to time. Nonetheless, because you have read enough of my posts, I’m thankful for your words. Gracefully disagreement is a great way to describe what disagreement is all about. Besides tone and respect, may I also add that there is a difference between someone telling me the disagree than telling me I’m wrong.

      Oh … you open up a can of worms with guns and your editor wants you to do an abortion perspective? Great … tell him/her no problem, as long as you can do immigration and euthanasia after that! Thanks for commenting and sharing.


  6. I saw 2 telling graphics on CNN about moderates in the Senate. Not too many years ago the Senate was split into about 3 equal factions: extreme left, moderates, and extreme right. THERE are NO moderates in the Senate today, which explains the extreme polarization in the country and the inability to compromise on legislation.


  7. Oh dont get me started on this subject. However, living is Southern California (native) and growing up in the conservative area of SOCAL (not radical liberal SFO) I have seen hyprocrites on both sides including independant voters. Limo/private jet riding liberals in the entertainment industry who claim to be democrat but stash and flaunt their money. They too talk out of their !@# Prime example movie star Will Smith in France recently and was embarrassed by a news reported when informed how much in personal tax he would pay for their medical plan if he lived in France, To UBER conservative Republicans who vote NO just because. As well as independant voters who voted based on race alone. I have seen it all in the GOLDEN STATE and know each every type.. I started as a young democrat, then independant …now Republican with moderate social fews. Until we fix the broken system here in USA, nothing will ever change.


    • Kellie,
      The people you described are not limited to SoCal, as we can find them in every state. I don’t claim independents are perfect by any means. There are plenty who lean right, others left, and others who my friends calls I-INOs. But the group that I’ve described above, and like it or not, is the segment who will decide the election, and the segment that the winner will misread as they declare a mandate. Thanks for commenting.


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