On Shortest of Shorts

I did not plan to start the day like this, but I just discovered something that I had to share. With that in mind, here is a cheap rendition of Opinions in the Shorts, which I hope returns next week.

Speaking of next week, things may return to normal here! … Maybe.

For those who have enjoyed my photos of Italy, Christine’s images of her trip last fall are fabulous.  Here is an index of her posts. Well done, Christine (a fellow Cincinnatian)!

I appreciate this Kathleen Parker column about Republicans in Name Only.

Cincinnati Reds Opening Day is less than a month away.

Click to see whom the people want as the next pope.

Hansi has a great sense of humor. Well, some say “sick” is a better descriptor. Nonetheless, his creation myth is a hoot.

This fun video from my local news this morning sparked this spontaneous post … and it’s totally a capella. Enjoy the effort by a young South Korean. Have a good and safe weekend. Be well, do good work, and keep in touch.