Opinions in the Shorts: Vol. 175

On Politics
Elected officials in Washington continue to favor politics over policy … and that’s why nothing is getting done.

I heard this one not long ago: Politicians are like cockroaches. When the lights are on, they scatter not to be found – but when the lights are off, they thrive on the feast.

I enjoy when a respected Congressman rips Congress.

Many people are like politicians. For instance, as many complain about media bias, why are the viewership numbers for FOX News and MSNBC rising? I explain media bias in this past post.

I recently called my Board of Elections to see how I can undeclared a party. Unfortunately, I have to wait until the 2014 primary.

With 2016 talk already happening, here’s a campaign-theme idea for a future Republican candidate: Repeal ObamaCare, repeal Social Security, repeal Medicare, repeal Medicaid, repeal prescription drug plan for seniors, repeal unemployment payments, repeal disability payments, repeal food stamps, repeal subsidized housing, eliminate the departments of Education and Energy along with the Environmental Protection Agency, stop all funding to Planned Parenthood, PBS, public education, …. after all, I want to see how far you get!

On This Week’s Headlines from The Onion

  • Epic saga of employee’s ineptitude passed down through generations of coworkers
  • Congressman says the time is now for effectively meaningless gun laws
  • Divorced father buys string cheese to make coming to his place fun
  • Coworker running NCAA office pool relishing his temporary significance
  • Man has trouble growing beard of bees
  • Area woman thinks all her friends should be comedians

Interesting Reads
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On Potpourri
A special thanks to Georgette for this great post – one that she says I helped inspire.

Dancing with the Stars is off and running. Sorry to Dorothy Hamill have to leave the show due to an injury.

Baseball’s Opening Day Cincinnati Style is Monday – and the weather isn’t looking good – but as we know, that’s subject to change.

For those counting on a Saturday Morning Classic Cartoons post, sorry … none this weekend … but hopefully returning next Saturday morning. For those needing a cartoon fix, here’s a nugget to hold you over.

Because our handbell choir plays this weekend, I send you into the weekend with the joys of the two tunes we’re playing: a recording of Te Deum Laudamus (a not-so-easy, fast paced tune with a favorite of techniques) and a video of Easter Joy played by very large choir of several hundred ringers!

To the Jews, Happy Passover. To the Christians, Happy Easter. To all, have a good weekend! For those traveling, be safe. In the words of Garrison Keillor, Be well, do good work, and keep in touch.