On Shortest of Shorts

I did not plan to start the day like this, but I just discovered something that I had to share. With that in mind, here is a cheap rendition of Opinions in the Shorts, which I hope returns next week.

Speaking of next week, things may return to normal here! … Maybe.

For those who have enjoyed my photos of Italy, Christine’s images of her trip last fall are fabulous.  Here is an index of her posts. Well done, Christine (a fellow Cincinnatian)!

I appreciate this Kathleen Parker column about Republicans in Name Only.

Cincinnati Reds Opening Day is less than a month away.

Click to see whom the people want as the next pope.

Hansi has a great sense of humor. Well, some say “sick” is a better descriptor. Nonetheless, his creation myth is a hoot.

This fun video from my local news this morning sparked this spontaneous post … and it’s totally a capella. Enjoy the effort by a young South Korean. Have a good and safe weekend. Be well, do good work, and keep in touch.

73 thoughts on “On Shortest of Shorts

    • TBM,
      Spring training is well underway. Yankees are being hit with injuries and my Reds have lost twice as many as they’ve won … thus hopefully getting them out of the way.


  1. Ah, Frank, great cheap edition, my friend. Hansi’s post had me laughing out loud first thing in the morning – quite a feat. Loved the “I Wish” video – clever and joyful. The interesting thing is that Stevie Wonder played most of the instruments on his own pieces (drums, keyboards, and a few others) and sang all of the parts, so it was fun to see someone else take on the tradition in a new way. Thanks for sharing and enjoy your weekend!


  2. I will try to get the video to play later. YouTube is not cooperating… And my comment on your next post is:

    I love all the insets on the Duomo door. What are the two scenes depicted in the large relief about the halfway point?

    Are the buttresses in the next picture gargoyles?

    What happened?


  3. Brilliant video first of all… one of my favorite tracks too. I’m not a bigger fan of the Catholic Church and I think a dog will do a great job, to be honest …. Sometimes it seems like the Catholic Church think like big companies does … when a top dog is getting a bit difficult to handle they promote him. I hope they will get a younger pope now – somebody that are willing to live in the 2100 century. I don’t mean to be respect less against the Catholic Church – we live in a free world and we are allowed to have our faith in whatever we want and I’m happy for everyone that are safe in their beliefs and faith, but sometimes we forget that after all it’s the people that make a difference to other people, those that put their soul and heart … and without any fear for anything – help those that truly need helps. They have my faith. Have a great weekend now.


    • Viveka,
      Glad you liked the video and thanks for you thoughts on the Catholic church. Although I’m not Roman Catholic, I linked that article for amusement, and I didn’t intent it to be any commentary on the church body. I simply think it is pretty darn funny. Nonetheless, I appreciate your thoughts and pardon me from engaging in that thought (not that I agree or disagree). 🙂


  4. loved the video and as for the next pope, well he would get my vote. ha. wait a minute, i’m not catholic. oh well still would get my vote. Hope your weekend is full of light and love Frank.


  5. While I have to wait on the video (damn job), I loved the new pope. I’d vote for him.

    I don’t know if you got my note on your Doors post — it came up in my reader on my iPhone but not on my desktop. In case you didn’t remove it, you might want to check on what’s going on with it.


    • Elyse,
      The Doors post was a screw up at my end. I was updating something in it and accidentally Published, so it was live for about 10 minutes before I realized the goof … so I pulled it down to reappear this week. Meanwhile, I knew you would like the papal candidate favored by the masses.


  6. It’s a little late in my day…night…but I’m glad I didn’t miss out on that video, Frank. Fabulous. And like everyone else, got a good laugh at the Papal dog! I find Hansi very talented…I need to read his “Creation thesis.” I missed that! I hope this weekend proves to be what you need to make the turn and get back to normal this week. 🙂


    • Debra,
      As a Hansi regular, you know his style, thus I’m sure you will enjoy it. Meanwhile, the people’s choice for the next pope is fairly strong, but will the conclave listen? Glad you enjoyed the video.


  7. That is impressive stuff there, love the video. As for your home town Reds, I do so wish the MLB had never messed with the traditional first game of the season. “Opening Day” being played out at night, on the other side of the world? Bring back Cincy.


  8. Nice to see you’re back and running Frank.
    The video’s amazing. What a talented young singer!
    Thanks for the link to Hansi’s creation myth.
    ” some conservative Christian scholars no longer believe Genesis is true..”
    oh man…!


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