On a Flashback Hodge Podge

Because I know some need a Saturday morning cartoon fix, I’m reaching back into the archives for readers to visit an early cartoon. I probably won’t introduce a new character until October, so hopefully this will help.

As I mentioned on the previous post, I am gearing down toward taking a blogging break. I’ll be back this week with Monday Morning Entertainment, where hopefully give the rest of my schedule.

Enjoy the cartoons. Which did you visit?

Elmer Fudd

Quickdraw McGraw



Woody Woodpecker

52 thoughts on “On a Flashback Hodge Podge

  1. have fun and lots of adventures on your blogging break, Frank. i am waiting for a woodpecker to come visit my bird tree. got some cardinals, blue jays and mockingbirds but still, not a wp. πŸ™‚


  2. I’m glad you linked to older posts. Being a newish reader, I will enjoy the flashback. I started with Elmer and will be back for more.
    Enjoy your break


  3. Elmer Fudd is one of my favorites, so that was fun to see. And I wasn’t even blogging at the time you originally posted it, Frank. I can’t believe you’ve been sharing cartoons for that long! No wonder you need occasional breaks. Wow! I would, too!


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