On a Duet Monday

How was your weekend? Come on now, tell us about it.

Mine included time on the ballroom floor, watching football, having dinner and playing Uno with friends, volunteering in the inner city, playing free money at the casino (we didn’t win), and walking around a part of downtown Cincinnati that is having a rebirth.

As I mentioned on Friday, I’m phasing myself into a blogging break, so I’ll return midweek for that dose of satire to recharge your week.

Here are your reasons to celebrate each day. By the end of the week, I will post of list for the rest of September because I don’t want you to miss celebrations during my blogging break.

  • (Week) Line Dance Week
  • (Mon) Teddy Bear Day, Chrysanthemum Day, Wonderful Weirdos Day
  • (Tues) Swap Ideas Day, Sew Be It Day
  • (Wed) National Day of Service & Remembrance, Hot Cross Buns Day, No News is Good News Day, Odd Day, Libraries Remember Day, Make Your Bed Day (hey Moms, use this), and Happy Birthday Viveka
  • (Thurs) Video Games Day and Chocolate Milkshake Day

To help celebrate September’s Piano Month while getting your week off to a good start, enjoy this outstanding, unique, must-watch piano duet.

Have a good week!

63 thoughts on “On a Duet Monday

  1. Looks like I get to celebrate every day this week. Thanks for the update.

    My weekend saw quiet time, quilting time, crying time, laughing time, alone time, and time with friends and neighbors. Guess it worked out just right, didn’t it?

    Other things to look forward to for the coming week: tomorrow I get to see my Beth. I’ll spend a lot more time sewing. The weather should cool in the middle of the week. I’ll have lunch Thursday (Vietnamese food!) with a woman to talk about writing a book, and on Thursday I’ll post another segment in my medallion quilt sew-along project. http://catbirdquilts.wordpress.com/ Friday? I dunno. Maybe I’ll make Jim take me on a hike, if the weather is still nice.

    Have a lovely week, Frank!


  2. There was a weekend?

    Have a great break, Frank. And when you come back, maybe you can explain Hot Cross bin day in September when I always associated them with Easter ….



    • Elyse,
      Hot cross buns are eaten year around. However, I imagine someone in the industry had a dream about promoting them 6 months after Easter … besides, one has to have one after getting the song stuck in their head.


  3. It was a nice weekend, I love to be in this village, but the weather changes… Soon we will remove again to the city. Ah! Thank you dear Frank, music, dance these are amazing things for me… Have a nice week, love, nia


  4. Spent the weekend replacing a jammed Kobo….and then, the next day, replacing it’s jammed replacement, as well as a laptop cooling pad that doesn’t huff and puff anymore. I got my Monday blog edited and posted, so now I can enjoy my Wonderful Weirdo Day, or, I could wait for Wednesday, and just be my usual Odd self on the eleventh, an odd day. πŸ˜€


      • The geek term is “bricked”. Somehow all the programs and commands interlink together, and it can’t go anywhere. The wife downloaded the e-book version of the third Jack Reacher novel from the library, then told the five-year-old Kobo to present it for reading. It said, “restarting” and froze.

        We took it to the electronics store, where the tech who’s younger than my socks repeated everything we’d tried. before we admitted defeat and bought a brand-new one. Took it home, downloaded the Kobo library program, it said, “restarting,” and froze just like the old one.

        Kobo number three (no-charge replacement) is working just fine, downloading books from the wife’s laptop, which is much cooler with its new fan pad. Between supporting cats and electronic equipment, a trip to southern Ohio seems farther away. 😦


  5. well, since Wednesday will be the day to celebrate No News is Good News day, may as well start now. no news for this weekend. just same thing as the rest of the week. ha-ha. πŸ™‚ but Thursday for chocolate milk shake, now that is a good thing. β™₯


  6. We didn’t have as many varied activities as you this weekend, but we did get our bookshelves built–which is a big deal, since our container is due to arrive this week, and it contains nearly 1,300 books!

    And, believe you me, I’m gonna be celebrating Wonderful Weirdo’s Day!

    Hug from Ecuador,


    • Kathy,
      Congrats on the accomplishment prior to the major arrival. 1,300 books …. WOW! Nonetheless, nothing like some progress after a major move! Enjoy Wonderful Weirdo Day … and I want to know how you celebrated.


  7. Oh dear, Frank, I’m trying to decide whether to show this to a classical pianist friend of mine! I know her response will be something like “who gets to clean the piano keys afterwards?”

    The announcer in the video is comic talent Tom Lennon, whom I remember as Lt. Dangle, the inept commander of Comedy Central’s edgy version of the Keystone Kops in their psuedo-documentary show “Reno 911.” Here’s a clip of the hapless Lt. Dangle. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=myC4WUwF4eA Enjoy!


  8. That video is HILARIOUS!
    Sounds like you had a nice weekend. Mine was uneventful. But – that’s ok. A break from full weekends are nice every now & then.
    Video Games Day on Thursday? More like every day at my house.
    Happy Monday – Happy Week πŸ™‚


  9. A busy weekend with a bathroom paint job that turned into refurbishing the Titanic. Ugh…all is complete and looking a lot better than the Titanic made out. Hoping to start on some MINOR painting jobs in the future…wish me luck!


  10. I had a great weekend, Frank. My sister has been visiting – she left today, but we went to see Les Miserables at our local theater, went out for fondue and did creative crafts on Sunday! Enjoy your break!


  11. I painted stripes on various walls upstairs, determined I didn’t like any of the colors. I wandered paint stores looking for additional inspiration. I also wandered a couple of flooring stores and then reverted to home improvement magazines seeking ideas.

    I wandered the Half Off Bookstore (my favorite) looking for history books and high school text books. I have my reasons I really do.

    That is it. Then I had lunch with my eldest son and his lovely wife, loved this.

    Not nearly as chock full o’ fun as yours but interesting. Loved your video, they are either very talented or ambidexterous in the most interesting way.


  12. Flew up to NYC to participate in my grandson’s 5th birthday party. It was a blast. Now back to editing my book. I cracked up over the piano “recital.” Too much! πŸ™‚ Sounds like you’re enjoying your break. All the best.


  13. Frank, I wonder how those guys thought up playing the piano that way. Actually, I’d rather not wonder about that … This past weekend, since I’m currently TV-less, I blew out what’s left of my brains streaming and buffering US Open Tennis on my computer and iPhone. Now that the finals are over and my two favorite players (Serena and Rafa) both won, I might be compelled to resume getting a life. Might.

    Have a good break!


  14. Sounds like one of your best weekends for Cincinnati diversity. I’m guessing you ate at the excellent “street food” Vietnamese restaurant at Findlay Market.

    Don’t give up on the casino free money – the odds are a lot better than the lottery.

    Sorry about the weekend football results except for your BG Falcons winning to go to 2-0.

    This Thursday I plan to have a chocolate milkshake and play a round of computer golf.


  15. We’ve got some home improvement projects going – would be more fun if it weren’t blazing hot in the attic (Adding some can lights) and roasting with a heaping side of mosquitoes outside (trimming fronds off large palms…and the stalks are barbed,,,if anyone needs a sword suddenly….). We are delighted it’s now in mid 70’s early in the morning for dog walks.
    Sounds like you’re busy as usual


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