On Satire Bits: Vol. 78

Hope your week is going well. We focused our first two days in trying to get life back to normal.

A reminder that curtail time for Act 10 of Time: The Musical is Wednesday at 9:30 PM (Eastern US). The theme for Act 10 is Compound Time, which features songs with a compound word including “time” in the title. Examples as nighttime, wintertime, bedtime, etc.

Even with the Saturday funeral, both of us played with the handbell choir on Sunday. It was an interesting piece with great chords. Unfortunately, I can’t find a video or a recording.

It seem like ages ago since my last dose of midweek satire. It feels good to be back. For those desiring an extra challenge, try creating your new header from only the words in the headlines below. My combo is at the end.  Otherwise, do you have a favorite?

Have a good rest of the week.

Study: People far away from you aren’t actually smaller

Political cartoonist not sure how to convey that large sack in Senator’s hand is full of money

Boss seemed much nicer in job interview

New desktop folder created for sad little project

Man working up courage to ask coworker to office dance

Breaking News: Middle East conflict not solved today

Economist advises nation’s poor to invent next Facebook

Time flies when you’re feeding an addiction to Internet porn over which you no long have any control

New evidence confirms A-Rod invented steroids

Study: All memories implanted in you 5 minutes ago when universe created

Person sitting in parked car at 2 AM probably upstanding member of community

Woman who left room crying earlier expects to jump back into party just like that

My Combo: Crying Senator addicted to Internet porn has hands full

44 thoughts on “On Satire Bits: Vol. 78

  1. Breaking News: Middle East conflict not solved today…sad little project….over which we no longer have any control. I’m playing along, but I kinda like it just the way you wrote it.
    So glad you and your wife…of course… played with the hand bells on Sunday.


  2. I’ve got to admit, the implanted memories one could make a really excellent movie, I’m surprised M. Night Shamalyan doesn’t have his hands on it yet.

    Here’s mine: Senator Expects to Convey to Nation That He Invented Facebook in 5 Minutes


  3. Frank, I’m impressed you could keep up with the hand bell performance after all that took place on Saturday. Sometimes it’s a little hard to concentrate under the circumstances. Glad you’re getting back into some routines. I, for one, am best with my routines–even the most ordinary! Looking forward to the musical post! 🙂 And my Onion favorite: “Person sitting in parked car at 2 AM probably upstanding member of community.” They were all very funny this week!


    • Debra,
      Not only did I make it with the handbells, but so did the one who is carrying a bigger load than mine —- my wife … and she did fine! Meanwhile, thanks for sharing your favorite! …. and this time I’m wondering if the opening act is one that someone wants to use.


  4. Nice that you both participated in hand bell choir on Sunday. That was probably a nice peaceful breather.

    My headline is a bit scandalous!
    Breaking News: A-Rod invented steroids sitting in parked car at 2 am feeding an addiction to internet porn for a sad little project.


  5. I like the first one best. “Co-worker in parked car, invented steroids for sad little project, over which you no longer have any control.” Well done with the hand bell playing on Sunday. “The show must go on.” 🙂


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  7. Welcome Back, and I so admire your sense of humour Frank… Not being familiar with your Satire bits Frank, I can see I am going to enjoy reading more… Its love and laughter that gets us through the tough times…

    Regards Sue


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