Opinions in the Shorts: Vol. 224

On Politics
From the partisanship-clouds-the-issue file, some Republicans say that the only thing that can explain Bowe Bergdahl’s release is that US negotiators are working for Al-Qaeda.

House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-VA) loss in the primary shocked the US political landscape. Oh boy … and I wonder what the Democrats in that district are saying now? Meanwhile, Mr. Cantor will probably triple his salary.

David Brat (R-VA) is the one who beat Cantor. When asked about his stance about raising the federal minimum wage, he responded, “Um, um, um, I don’t have a well-crafted response on that one.” … now that’s an interesting response by an economics professor.

Problems in Washington are many and obviously deep and problematic, but I’ve narrowed it down to two … Nope … not Obama and Biden … Not McConnell and Boehner … Nada to Pelosi and Reid … and surely anyone named Bush or Clinton … Nope – not any combination of the previously named, nor even the lobbyists. The two biggest problems are the Democratic and Republican parties!

On This Week’s Headlines from The Onion
Parents at graduation to celebrate child’s last accomplishment
Residents plagued by roving pack of feral celebrities living in Hollywood Hills
Cable companies announce they are just going to take $100 from everyone
Man nothing but lumbering golem of reward cards
Child entertained for 5 minutes by plastic toy that will take 1,000 years to biodegrade

Interesting Reads
The last interesting centrist
Interesting article about climate change from a conservative paper (the title is worth a peek)
Foreseeing the digital future in 1982
The answer to Does Size Matter?
Mathematics: patterns and structures
Photo gallery of Detroit’s faded beauty

On Potpourri
Regarding my eye issue, although problems still exist, I can honestly say my issue is better than it was last Friday.

Another unexpected crazy week in the books also means a delay in the next Saturday Morning Cartoons.

The music for Life: The Musical – Dreams was outstanding! Many thanks, thus I invite all to return to the post to listen. I even added a song in the comments for everyone! (Click here for the great collection)

Your weekend celebrations

  • (Weekend) Banana Split Days, Superman Day, Duct Tape Days
  • (Fri) Blame Someone Else Day, Work at Home Father’s Day, Poultry Day, Kitchen Klutz Day, Lobster Day
  • (Sat) Dollars Against Diabetes Days, Bourbon Day, Blood Donor Day, Juggling Day, Knit and Crochet Day, Magic Circles Day, Missing Mutts Awareness Day, Pig Callers Day, Strawberry Shortcake Day
  • (Sun) Global Wind Day, Family Awareness Day, Father’s Day, Husband Caregiver Day, Magna Carta Day, Native American Citizenship Day, Nature Photography Day, Elder Abuse Awareness Day, Worldwide Day of Giving, Pet Fire Safety Day, Go Fly a Kite Day

To send you into the weekend, here’s an old tune from a group whose original name was The Mars-Bar … but the people at the Mars (candy) Company were not happy campers. Have a safe weekend and in the words of Garrison Keillor, Be well, do good work, and keep in touch.

38 thoughts on “Opinions in the Shorts: Vol. 224

  1. Friday’s BLAME SOMEONE ELSE DAY is mine. All. Mine. It is no one’s fault but my own for selling and then buying a home. I’m done. I give. Never. Ever. Will not do this again.

    Remind me I said that, aFA, next time I get the urge…

    [Thank you in advance and forever…for? Everything.]



    • Raye,
      Oh the stress of moving … at least at this end, it went much longer than we anticipated. Good luck to you … keep your spirits up …. and don’t forget to take time for the roses for your R&R.


    • Twixt,
      Thanks for the link. Very interesting … long ago I had an article that looked at Congress in a similar way … thus showing the shrinking number of members of Congress with overlap with the other party. If I recall, the number has been declining over the past 40 years … and now stands at zero.


  2. I love this: Cable companies announce they are just going to take $100 from everyone.Cable company extortion is why I pulled the plug on my TV almost a year. I’ve watched via Aereo ($8.71 with tax) ever since but those days might be numbered once the SUPCO rules in July.

    I’m glad you’re not publishing a Saturday Morning Cartoon post this week since I’m not going to be online much for the next few days. That’s good news that your eye issue is not getting worse. Have a great weekend.


    • Lame,
      Being way behind on the Saturday Cartoons is starting to get to me … so hopefully I can get my act together!

      Good financial choice for your TV option … and yes, time will tell … but maybe the ruling will be OK for you.


  3. really enjoyed the Mathematics: patterns and structures…
    But as an outsider I will comment with a little bit of tongue in cheek… “The two biggest problems are the Democratic and Republican parties!” this I see as so similar to Africa where one party states are in it for themselves and not the people… the American politics seems to be going the same way with two parties being in it for themselves and not the people…


    • Bulldog,
      Glad you enjoyed the article .. so thanks for reading! Meanwhile, I wonder if the widening of the two-party divide is a more global than I realize. There’s no doubt in my mind that the parties (here) more represent the money behind them and what is best for the elected individual .. thus so many votes along party lines.


  4. I think I can beat your Onion headlines with this one from our SA News 24, “Jealous ex eats man’s heart with knife and fork.” 😯 Thanks for the ‘Ferry Cross The Mersey’ clip. It brought back good memories. Have a great weekend, Frank, and hope your eye continues to improve.


  5. I haven’t been on cable since 1997. We lived in that house for 5 yrs. The cable company forgot to shut off and switch the premium package from the previous owner. We got it all for free. We moved to a new house that year and started up Dish. We cancelled that a few times and either I or Melanie signed up again in order to get a better deal and new equipment. This spring we cancelled for good. The dish is off the roof. Now we use DSL and Roku for a much cheaper cost.

    I read the climate change piece you referenced. The author did make some positive statements in some very broad terms. In the end, he also did the usual slam of ‘the Left’ for being so stuck in their ways. He just couldn’t resist.


    • Jim,
      Can’t “stuck in their ways” be applied to either side on just about any issue?

      Thanks for sharing your story about access to television because people should know that other options exist. Thanks … and good for you!


  6. I’m glad your eye feels better. We are off to Quebec (again). Middle child has graduated from University so we are bringing her home for the summer. In the fall she is going to college. More driving ahead.


  7. Your comment on the two political parties and their widening differences, Frank, caused me to have a disturbing thought. Suppose that instead of healing at some point, it just gets worse? There is precedent for this. 1,400 years ago the prophet Mohammad died and his flock promptly divided into two parts, differing over who would succeed him as head of the religion. Now just look at them. 😦


    • Jim,
      Oh wow … now that an interesting analogy.

      To me, I see too much party-first behavior. Couple that with the fact that each party has issues with their moderate factions … after all, the conservatives are flogging the RINOs as the liberals cheer the departure of the Blue Dogs … So this creates an environment primed for overreach … it happened to the Dems in 2008 and I would hate to think what the GOP would do with full control in 2016 … so if my choice is overreach or stagnation due to split powers, I’ll take the latter.


      • Well, sure. I would take stagnation also, Frank, if I had that choice. However, the Muslim thing is what engineers call an unstable (complex) system, or, put another way, the worse it gets, the worse it gets. That could happen to our government too, and I think I know the reason. The missing factor is the absence of a defined and solvable threat that affects everyone equally (as in Pearl Harbor). Terrorism is too diffuse for that purpose, and it may be unsolvable because it is religion-based. And, come to think of it, the differences between the factions of our political parties have also become increasingly religious. Oh my.


        • The increasing political polarization via religion bothers me, but I also believe that (in this case) the silent majority will prevail. (Well, maybe wishful thinking)


  8. I love Gerry and the Pacemakers, and still listen to old recordings from time to time. I didn’t know about the previous name. So interesting! I think you’re right about the two biggest political obstacles being the Republican and Democratic parties. I just don’t see how we’re going to move forward in the future. I grow more and more frustrated as i realize that we as a country are so politically dysfunctional. It’s hard to be hopeful when there are so few examples of cooperation for the common good! Glad you’re doing some better, Frank.


    • Debra,
      Glad you enjoyed the song. In terms of the nature of our dysfunctional politics, regards of what happens in 2014, I certainly hope (at this point) that the 2016 results does not give us one-party controlling all because in this climate, I can’t see any good in a situation like that. Nonetheless, as a citizen, it’s hard to take.


      • We can only hope. Know it all seems very divided right now. How much of it is media loving to record chaos and train wrecks – picking at wounds and making it worse?
        Hard to believe the majority are really fed up and just want to live their lives in peace without all the drama – live and let live. Both parties seem power crazed. It’ll be hard to make any significant change to the middle with either of those. Emergence of a third party would be difficult ( and some extreme nut bunch would try to jump in and take control of that)
        It wil probably resolve, but it may be ugly for a while – and we’re all pretty weary?
        Golfing. More golfing and bubbling fountains (giggles)


        • Mouse,
          I disagree ; ) about both parties seeming power crazed …. because they are power crazed! Because either party likes the moderates (well, outside of votes and money) … Creating a centrist third party takes money and existing politicians with guts … and it just don’t believe the latter exists.


        • Definitely agree with you there. Way things stand..or are contorted…no third party has a chance for a multitude of reasons. So the problem is just how the heck to get the other 2 back on track…any firm track would be appreciated? More beer (if they all fall asleep…)


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