In Search of Popcorn

As the grocery shopper in our home, I noticed we were out of popcorn. So on one of my grocery story runs, I remembered to add popcorn to the list.

popcornEveryone knows that today popcorn world is about the microwave, yet various “old ways” as do-it-yourself kernels and Jiffy Pop in its own pan are still available on the bottom shelf. One must admit that the microwave method sure is easy.

So there I am, at the store and standing in front of the popcorn choices – not looking at the 3-5 brands, but at the styles. There’s Butter, Buttery, Extra Butter, Light Butter, Extra Light Butter, Movie Butter, Movie Theater Butter, Old Fashion Butter, Buttery Lovers, Xtreme Butter, Ultimate Butter, Buttery Explosion, Jumbo Pop Butter, Natural with Butter, 94% Fat-Free Butter, Buttery Garlic, Tender White with Real Butter, Cheddar White Cheddar, Homestyle, Kettle Style, Smart Movie Style, Caramel, and the ever-popular Mantequilla.

Now keep this in mind – all I want is plain popcorn. I don’t want butter or any extra flavors, just plain popcorn. As I continued to gaze upon the massive offerings, I finally saw it … Natural: Light with 50% Fat than Regular Popcorn, but still more sodium than I desired … and the store brand of all things. Considering my options: SOLD!

And for those needing topic-related music, enjoy the video. Do you know the song Hot Buttered Popcorn?