On Ohio Karma

This past spring the mind behind The Karmic Boomerang contact me, along with other Ohioans, to provide information about Ohio for his feature. Regretfully, I was knee-deep in a project and didn’t respond. Good karma suggests that I write a feature supporting his efforts; not duplicating, but adding too his original post.

College Sports
Ohio has 8 FCS football programs, 13 Division I basketball programs, and 3 college hockey teams.

Big school men’s NCAA national championship teams include Ohio State (football*, baseball, basketball, fencing, golf, gymnastics, outdoor track), Cincinnati (basketball), and Bowling Green (hockey).

* The NCAA does not issue a national championship for FCS/D1 football. See list of champions for confirmation, but semi-recognizes the BCS champions.

The University of Cincinnati had 5 consecutive trips to the Final 4, which hasn’t been bested by many.

Youngstown St won 4 D-1AA football championships and Central State: D-II Cross Country

Ohio colleges are prominent NCAA D-III champions
Football: Wittenberg, Baldwin-Wallace, Dayton, Mt. Union
Ashland: Cross Country (M)
Capital: Basketball (W)
Kenyon: Tennis (W)
Marietta: Baseball
Mt. Union: Cross Country (M)
Muskingham: Softball,
Ohio Wesleyan: Soccer (M & W)
Wilmington: Basketball (W)
Wooster: Golf (M)

Special distinction to Kenyon for winning every D-III men’s swimming and diving championship since 1980; that’s 29 in a row and counting!

Pro Sports
The NFL Portsmouth Spartans became the Detroit Lions.

Paul Brown selected orange and brown for the Cleveland Browns after seeing the colors at Bowling Green.

Professional football’s Canton Bulldogs only played 6 seasons.

People & Business
Bevo Francis, scoring legend at Rio Grande College (yes, in Ohio, not Texas), captivated the nation by averaging 48.3 ppg in 1953.  If you never heard of Bevo, here’s his ESPN Sports Century biography.

Entertainers Bob Hope, Clark Gable, Dean Martin, Paul Newman, and Steven Spielberg  have Ohio roots.

So to notables Harriet Beecher Stowe, Annie Oakley, Thomas Edison, John Glenn, Neil Armstrong, 8 U.S. presidents, 3 vice presidents, 3 speakers of the house, 3 chief justices, 8 justices, 4 secretary of states, 6 attorney generals, and 32 others in cabinet positions,

CNN news anchors are from Ohio: Carol Costello, Robin Meede, and Christy Paul. Robin Meade was a Miss Ohio (’92) and Christy Paul was the 3rd runner up the following year.

North Carolina and Ohio both claim to be first in flight. The Wright Brothers first successful flight was in North Carolina after doing the majority of work in Ohio.

Ohio is the corporate home to more than a few names you may know: Procter & Gamble, Society/Key Bank, 5th/3rd Bank, Macy’s, Iams, Kroger, Mead, LensCrafters, Longaberger, Rubbermade, Goodyear,  Wendy’s, Bob Evans Farms, Sherwin-Williams, Cooper Tires, Smuckers, Mac Tools, Parker-Hannifin, Battelle, Cintas, and Bobby Rahal Racing to name a few.

Geography & Culture
Pomeroy is listed in Ripley’s Believe It or Not as the only town of its size without a crossroad.

Chillicothe was the first state capital.

Go figure – Centerburg (Knox County) is the geographic center.

South Point is the most southern spot, Middleport is half way between Pittsburgh and Cincinnati, but Northfield isn’t the most-northern field.

Given its most extreme points, Ohio is 25 miles wider than its length.
Of Ohio’s 88 counties, Stark County borders the most counties: 8.

Lancaster anyone? Ohio has LANC-aster, but lan-CASTER is located elsewhere.

The longest bar in the world is at the Beer Barrel Salon in Put-in-Bay.

Ohio has festivals celebrating sugar maple, dogwoods, spring plowing, ribs, hot air balloons, strawberries, sweet corn, pumpkins, zucchini, twins, melons, marigolds, tobacco, popcorn, bratwurst, grapes, kites, sternwheelers, ice cream, apples, apple butter, apple dumplings, sauerkraut, dulcimers, turkeys, fish, and buzzards; as well as the Irish, Germans, Italians, Appalachians, Pioneers, Swiss, and Farmers.


12 thoughts on “On Ohio Karma

  1. Entertainers Bob Hope, Clark Gable, Dean Martin, Paul Newman, and Steven Spielberg have Ohio roots.

    i never knew that!

    Lancaster anyone? Ohio has LANC-aster, but lan-CASTER is located elsewhere.

    or that!

    some very interesting facts, i’d love to visit that bar LOL!


    • Felt I owed one to Karmic. Hope he likes it.

      How do is Lancaster PA pronounced?

      Hopefully BEEZ will chime in on the bar. It’s close enough to him that he could have stories!
      Thanks CK!


    • Given a rich sports history, that had to be a focus! But I tried to throw-in many tidbits.

      Of course I think the same can be said for any of the other 49 states b/c there is so much outsiders don’t know!
      Thanks for stopping by.


  2. Great job! Good karma is restored to Ohio….well, the Browns are a mess, the Indians are hit or miss (literally) and the Cavs are gonna lose LeBron…….

    You did your part at least to restore good karma. Very well done. Thanks for the contribution.

    Be sure to stop by Wednesday for the final entry in the Get to Know the 50 States series.

    Take care.


    • Thanks Dan. Approval from the point of origin is always good.

      Being in Cincinnati, I don’t mind seeing the Browns in a mess; but I’m sad that both the Bengals and Browns are a mere shell of what they once were. Speaking of misery, don’t forget the Reds!

      Thanks for dropping by!


  3. This is great stuff about Ohio. As you pointed out, Ohio has very prominent pro football roots like Pennsylvania. BTW, I lived not far from Lancaster, PA, but don’t ask me how to pronounce it because of my southern accent! LOL!

    I find it funny that you linked Ohio with the state I currently live in in North Carolina.

    Nice work as always.


    • David … I would think that Ohio’s strong high school football programs is a reason for so many D-III championships. There’s a lot of depth here, and is a prime recruiting area for Big 10 teams & ND. BC traditional does well here too.

      I’ve always thought that LANcaster is in PA, but I’m not sure.

      Thanks David … glad you enjoyed this.


  4. Great stuff….How did you know I had been in that bar…Many, many drinks there….I was there for a friends bachelor party…I did some bad things, with a naughty girl…Put-in-Bay is where you go to do things you shouldn’t do in your own neighborhood…Wright-Patterson Air Force Base and Museum in Dayton is cool stop…Flight and the Wright brothers are ours….Halle Berry has roots in Cleveland…Nice!!!

    Great job .


  5. BEEZE,
    Knowing your proximity to the bar, and of course your fun nature, I was fairly certain that you belly up to that bar in Put-in-Bay … and probably more than once. So thanks for confirming. LOL

    For outsiders, Put-in-Bay (found in South Bass Island in Lake Erie), is known as a fun place to go.

    Wright-Patterson is a great addition. The only reason I left out Halle Berry was that the original Karmic Boomerang post had a great pic!

    Thanks Beeze!


  6. Mt. Union has a running back that I believe just broke the all time rushing record for all divisions in Nate Kmic. He went to school 7 miles east of where I live here in Ohio.


    • On someone else’s post I commented that Ohio’s passion for high school football is one of the factors for D-III success in Ohio … and Mt. Union is unreal. I hope he would get an invite to a camp, but in general, D-III athletes lack speed for the NFL … but they surely don’t lack heart!

      Thanks for the thoughts & visiting.


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