On BallPark Franks

Everyone has a sense of pride about their name. Given baseball’s rich history, thought I’d develop an all-time team with only Franks. I even got picky as I didn’t stretch into Francis, Franklins, Franciscos, Francos, or even middle names or last names; thus stuck with given first name and went-by names. Which means I passed on K-Rod, John Franco, Julio Franco, and even Herman Franks.

I think these guys could compete … Ladies and Gentlemen … presenting the All-Time BallPark Franks! (with links to their career)

1B:  F. Chance (HOF)
2B:  F. Frisch (HOF)
SS:  F. Crosetti
3B:  F. Baker (HOF)
C:  F. Hayes
OF:  F. Robinson (HOF)
OF:  F. Howard
OF:  F. Thomas (51-66)
DH:  F. Thomas (90-08)

Batting Order: Frisch, Chance, Thomas (90), Robinson, Howard, Baker, Hayes, Thomas (51), Crosetti

Bench:  F. McCormick, F. White, F. Grant (HOF), F. Catalanotto,

SP:  F. Viola
SP:  F. Noodles Hahn
SP:  F. Tanana
SP:  F. Lary
SP:  F. Pastore

RP:  F. Tug McGraw
RP:  F. Francisco

Mgr: F. Selee (HOF)