On the Last Shopping Week

I imagine the major shopping areas were crazy this week – but I wouldn’t know because I stayed away from them!

We had a good weekend and hope yours was productive and fun. Friday started with a flurry as we went to our friend’s home for a holiday party. He’s the one whose wife passed away a year ago – and I must say – he not only did great, but his home was alive with friends and neighbors!

We also had some time to be at our dance studio, plus went to the annual ballroom dance holiday ball in the ballroom at historical Cincinnati Music Hall (past post).

If this week goes as planned, I’ll post everyday. Plus, I have to prepare for my holiday party on Christmas Eve. Of course, everyone is invited, so bring a friend! It will start early with hopes that the Aussies will attend.

Some of you may be looking for holiday gift ideas. Besides The Onion’s wonderful collection for kids, the home, and the one who has everything, this video will give you even more ideas. Enjoy … and have a wonderful week.