On Doors

First, some background music for today’s post; so if you desire, play and then scroll on to the post.


Doors are a means of approach, admittance, or access

Doors are gateway marking an entrance or exit

Doors can be hinged, sliding, or a revolving barrier at the entrance to a building, room, vehicle, cupboard, or a piece of equipment

Doors describes a location as entry, bedroom, bathroom, patio, closet, front, side, back, shower, kitchen, office, garage, basement, cellar, barn, exterior, or interior

Doors can be double, sliding, revolving, folding, storm, swing, trap, hinged, reversible, Dutch, French, screen, paneled, fire, security, driver, passenger, pre-hung, single, or double

Doors can involve knobs, hinges, openers, knockers, bells, intercoms, bars, handles, chalk, weathering, frames, locks, deadbolts, latches, keys, springs, stops, peepholes, and more

Doors can be a hatch, gate, portal, gateway, doorway, or entry

Doors allow the possibility for accommodating change

Doors are a sign of life and death

Doors stand for accountability or blame

Doors can be a request to leave

Doors is a sign of a potential possibility

Enjoy a few doors from my recent trip to Italy. Any favorites?


Inviting guests in Lucchio


Devine entry


Florence’s Duomo is inside

Up close of the Duomo's door

Upclose of the Duomo’s door

Enter to climb to the top of the Duomo

Enter to climb to the top of the Duomo

A panel on the bronze door of the Baptistery across from the Duomo

A panel on the bronze door of the Baptistery across from the Duomo

Enter San Gimignano

Enter San Gimignano

A door to a door in Pisa

A door to the unknown in Pisa

35 thoughts on “On Doors

    • Paradise,

      San Gimignano is an interesting and beautiful place. A well-preserved old city!

      BTW – I accidentally published this a few days ago, and your comment plus several Likes brought it to my attention. Plus, your Jim Morrison quote helped me add something at the beginning.


  1. I love the door to the Duomo! I’ve long been obsessed with doors in art– there’s so much poise and possibility to each. πŸ™‚ Your collection of doors is beautiful!


  2. Having visited Jim Morrison’s grave – I suppose the “Doors” are my favorite. Great choice! As for the entry doors – love them all but especially the last one. I think the rounded top and simple surrounding is truly inviting.


  3. Nice post!
    The doors of the Duomo, my last trip to Florence was memorable, I climbed, took some pics, was raining, as soon as I walked out the door I started to puke like the girl from the Exorcist, so for that reason my favorite door is the one of the Duomo.
    And hello back!


  4. Frank, you are just the best at this!
    I listen to an mp3 player when I go to bed at night. It’s full of music that tends to help me drift off to sleep, and Riders on the Storm is high on the list, so I hear it often. I’ve always enjoyed The Doors.
    I love that you take pictures of doors!! The first picture is my favorite. The angle up, and the two distinct doors on the same building – very nice. When I was interested in photography, I thought it would be a wonderful idea to travel across America and take pictures of doors – back doors!
    Thanks for another great post.


    • Maddie,
      Believe it or not, Riders of the Storm was a late addition to this post … so glad it added.

      The first pic is one of my favorites for many reasons. Simply a lot in that inviting entry. Bottom line – I got luck!


  5. YAAY!!! Dooors!! I have 2 favorites… for energy I love Lucchio and my aesthetic sense can’t take its eyes off Pisa!!! It’s the mystery that has me intrigued!

    LOVE Doors and doors too!!!
    two fingers – pointing to your eyes, then to mine then to yours and nodding!!!



    • BuddahKat,
      For some reason this just came to me … did you recently have Riders on the Storm on your blog? If so, that’s where I got the idea … Problem solved … and Thank You!!!

      Ah ha … you enjoyed the bookend pics. Good choice … plus Lucchio was such an interesting place. Thanks for the kind words!!!


  6. Here there …are – your doors … brilliant – Doors on the video I can live without. Love your sentences about doors …. Doors is a sign of a potential possibility – my favorite. Your door-gallery is beautiful. My favorite door … is; the Duomo.
    Delightful post, Frank ..


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