Opinions in the Shorts: Vol. 218

On Politics
Nincompoop’s (aka Sarah Palin) comments about waterboarding at the recent NRA convention is just another example of most people blowing her off as she focuses on making money. I wonder about her popularity after President Obama leaves office./

Sean Hannity and others may have embraced Cliven Bundy, and LA Clippers owner Donald Sterling may have a lot of money – but while Bundy and Sterling got considerable air time, they represent a very small segment of Americans. The good thing about Sterling is that his headlines got Bundy out of the news.

As the White House and Congress continue their stalemate, here’s an interesting article about the active Supreme Court.

Will the Republican base embrace Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WIS) for his different stance toward the poor?

On This Week’s Headlines from The Onion
Music in bar could stand to be louder, worse
New census report reveals US has over 360 million nobodies
Top theoretical physicists, R&B singers meet to debate the meaning of forever
Man has story for every stain on pants
Obama spends another night searching behind White House paintings for safe
Carlos Santana surprises wife with coupon for 45-minute guitar solo

Interesting Reads
Changing demographics in the US leading to the Next America
Saving Rosie the Riveter’s factory
The next Crimea: A place you may not know (from the Foreign Policy Research Institute)
The science of fat
Robert E Lee’s farewell address to the Army of Virginia (Smithsonian) l

On Potpourri
I’ve always support the US Postal Service (USPS). The fact that the US Postal Service loses money is no secret, but here’s an interesting tale of their inefficiency. Our recent move involved a change of address, but within the same suburban post office. When mail with the old address arrives, I thought the mail would switch from one carrier to another within the same post office. OH NO … that would be too easy. My post office sends the old mail downtown, which puts on a change of address label, and returns it to my post office for delivery to my new address.

Earlier this week I encountered this interesting question when completing a form: Which 3 were the most important factors in your decision to purchase this product? (Select 1)

Act 3 of Life: The Musical was a success. The act provide song titles with the following names: Abraham, Amy, Archie, Billie Jean, Billy, Boris, Catherine, Cathy, Daniel, Debra, Diane, Don, Eleanor, Elise, Elmo, Elsie, Elvis, Frank, Fred, Georgia, Holly,  Jack, James, Jane, Jesse, Joanna, John, Laura, Linda, Lola, Lucille, Mack, Marina, Mathew, Michelle, Nikita, Rachel, Rosalinda, Roxanne, Ruby, Sylvia, Sue, Tina Marie, Valentine, Valerie, Veronica, Victoria, Virginia, and Zorba.

No Saturday Morning Cartoon Classic this weekend, but there will be something.

Here are your weekend celebrations

  • (Weekend) Toads Suck Daze
  • (Fri) No Pants Day, Tuba Day, Truffles Day, Play a Ukulele Day, Space Day, Roberts’ Rule of Order Day, Mollusk Day
  • (Sat) Beer Pong Day, Join Hands Day, Hug Your Cat Day, Garden Meditation Day, Bladder Cancer Awareness Day, Free Comic Book Day, Armed Forces Day, Scrapbooking Day, Two Different Colored Shoes Day, Public Radio Day, Paranormal Day, Homebrew Day, Lumpy Rag Day, Press Freedom Day, Kentucky Derby Day
  • (Sun) Intergalactic Star Wars Day, Firefighters Day, Respect for Chickens Day, Lemonade Day, Baby Lost Mothers Day, Infertility Survival Day, Motorcycles Mass & Blessing of the Bikes Day, Orange Juice Day, Petite and Proud Day, Give Day, Laughter Day, Candied Orange Peel Day, Mayday for Mutts Day

To send you into the weekend, here’s something from The Piano Guys that will make you smile.Enjoy, have a safe weekend and in the words of Garrison Keillor, Be well, do good work, and keep in touch.

61 thoughts on “Opinions in the Shorts: Vol. 218

  1. Speaking of theoretical physicists, I went to a movie tonight called Particle Fever. It was about the search at CERN for the Higgs particle. I loved it. Some people are so very smart in the best possible ways.

    The Onion headline caught my eye. Plus, it would be hard to pick one reason when being asked for three.


  2. Beer Pong Day, Toads Suck Daze, Two Different Colored Shoes Day, Lumpy Rag Day, Respect for Chickens Day and Candied Orange Peel Day…. the mind boggles at the meaning of some of these days…


  3. Give me the Piano Guys any day over Politicians Frank… I do not follow your USA politics, but I have heard and do know about Sarah Palin.. .. Seems there is one in every party of politics… :-).. Poor thing…. you know we really should feel sorry for those whose lives are materialistic… They are the ones who will have the biggest shocks in the future…
    Now to see what this Musical is all about 🙂


  4. Frank. You need to run for President. This is a way to get things moving. We are tired of present, past and future politicians and need humor in Washington. I say humor not laughing stock. Well done


  5. In honour of and out of respect for NO PANTS DAY, I’ll keep mine on.

    Ever so delightful Sarah’s nincompoopery doesn’t concern me as much the people who might support her. Speaking of nincompoops, the one with a substance abuse problem announced this week he has entered a program for substance abuse -once the mayoral election is over, am sure he’ll be back as is for all to watch the longest running train wreak of all time.

    Enjoy the weekend Frank. Salut!


  6. Our postal service is also losing money through complete and utter inefficiency. They also love to open my snail mail letters from South Africa where I have a penpal. Drives me crazy.


  7. This one got my attention: Top theoretical physicists, R&B singers meet to debate the meaning of forever – classic! “No pants day”, any bets that the guy who has a story for every stain does not acknowledge this day? Great reading list, Frank. Thanks for that, too!
    And Happy Friday, to you!


  8. Hello, Frank! I think Sarah Palin will be popular again with the new election, unfortunately. That’s funny and sad about your new address. We will be celebrating Free Comic Book Day. That’s big in our house!


  9. I found two of the three links in your Politics section of great interest, Frank, the one on SCOTUS and the other on Paul Ryan. There’s lots of food for thought there, and maybe for blogging too. Thanks.


  10. Having read the Willow Run story, I had to go find if they successfully raised enough money to save the plant. The story struck me, the factory was saved!

    Love the Piano guys.

    Lemonade Day? Everyday is Lemonade day in my house! Best Lemonade is the following, try it if you have a hankering.

    Two fresh lemons, zest one before slicing. then slice thin
    Fresh ginger (I use about 2 inches) peel and slice thin then grate another approx. tbls
    Add to 1/2 gallon of water and place in fridge to chill

    I keep mine in dispenser. You can also add fresh strawberries or blueberries muddled to the glass before serving.

    I might have to borrow one of your articles for something I am writing.


  11. (1) The statement in “Changing demographics in the US leading to the Next America” that BOOMERS think mixed race marriage is good, MILLENNIALS think WHO CARES?!!! – says it all.

    (2) Please send me the link (yours wouldn’t come up) to “Robert E Lee’s farewell address to the Army of Virginia (Smithsonian)”

    (2) Run, Sarah Run!


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