On a Froggy Monday

Hopefully your weekend was a good one. So what did you do?

We had one of those full weekends. My sister-in-law and niece visiting meant no ballroom time for us … but we stayed busy. We hosted the family Friday afternoon and evening. All five us on Saturday afternoon went to a painting outing at a business called Painting with a Twist. Oh what fun! I’m not a painter or at all artistic, but Marina wants to transform my work into t-shirts, pillows, posters, and more.

I started with a blank canvas and the process did not involve tracing

I started with a blank canvas and the process did not involve tracing

After the painting session, we went to my father-in-law’s for pizza. From there, we went to a church wine tasting for wine and fellowship … and it was a wonderful event!

Sunday afternoon we attended a car show in our neighborhood that one of our new neighbors organized.


I drove my friend’s white 1984 Jaguar XJ6 to the event … then after the event, I drove the 1979 MG Midget back to his house


This 1957 Jaguar XK140 was a huge hit with attendees


1970 Jaguar XKE

Curtain time for Act 4 of Life: The Musical is Wednesday at 9:30 PM (US Eastern). Act 4 is about Youth … so get your song ready featuring young, youth, children, or kids in the title.

Celebrations for your week

  • (Week) Safe Boating Week, Emergency Medical Services Week, World Trade Week, New Friends – Old Friends Week, Backyard Games Week, Medical Transcription Week, Recreational Water Illness & Injury Prevention Week, Stationary Week, Pickles Week Astronomy Week, Buckle Up Week, Hurricane Awareness Week, Medic Alert Awareness Week, Running & Fitness Week, Police Week
  • (Mon) Frog Jump Day, Ride Bike to Work Day, Accountant’s Day, Boys Club May, May Ray Day, Asian & Pacific Islander HIV/AIDS Awareness Day, Autoimmune Arthritis Day, Devil’s Food Cake Day, Bake Sale Day, Send an E-Card Day
  • (Tues) Eliza Doolittle Day, Weights & Measurement Day, Quiche Lorraine Day, Pick Strawberries Day
  • (Wed) I Need a Patch for That Day, Employee Health & Fitness Day, American Red Cross Founder’s Day, Turn Beauty Inside Out Day, Strawberries & Cream Day, Victoria Day, Day for Cultural Diversity for Dialogue & Development Day
  • (Thurs) Toothpaste Tube Day, Immigrants Day, Day for Biological Diversity Day, Museum Day, Maritime Day, Harvey Milk Day, Vanilla Pudding Day, Goth Day, Buy a Musical Instrument Day

With Monday being Frog Jump Day, here’s one of the all-time great frogs to lead us into the week. Have a good week!

61 thoughts on “On a Froggy Monday

  1. “Toothpaste Tube Day”—-Dang. I just bought a tube today. Looks like I should’ve waited…

    Sounds like you had a great weekend with family, Frank. I saw Spiderman with the oldest. Pretty good but not my favorite superhero movie. But I’ll see just about anything if it means I can get some popcorn. 🙂


  2. Nice cars. I’m sure they are fun to drive.

    We had a nice weather weekend for a change. Saturday, we went to the MS River southeast of us for some hiking. Recent heavy rains in WI and MN have the river above flood stage. Some of our routes were blocked. But, we adjusted and spotted four new bird species for us and enjoyed a nice picnic lunch.

    I don’t plan to move at all during Stationary Week. And, what fun it will be to celebrate Weights & Measurement Day Tuesday. Are you sure it isn’t Victoria’s Secret Day on Wednesday? That could be a good time.


    • Jim,
      After your active weekend, Stationary Week will be quite the task. Good luck.Weights and Measurement Day also caught my eye … so hooray for the hogshead.

      Cheers to your hiking adventure!


  3. I had a very full weekend, Frank, ushering plays both Saturday and Sunday, and hanging out with friends. I also saw a very good documentary film about a photographer who was never recognized during her life, “Finding Vivian Maier.”

    I feel fortunate to have lived long enough to see Toothpaste Tube Day Frank. Hopefully, a Spent Toilet Paper Roll Day is not too far behind.


  4. What a busy weekend you had, Frank. And, you got to drive fancy cars. How exciting for you! I watched water polo and gave my kitties a flea bath.They have them something awful and we all have bites. Oh, so fun. Thanks for the Kermit video. That was great!


  5. Love the Painting! Very cool, I keep seeing on my meet-up list the opportunity to take part in painting and keep thinking, ‘I should do that’. Maybe, one of these weekends I will, who knows.

    Those cars, I have brothers who would have thought they would have died and gone to heaven. My, My My.

    As for what is on for the week, so many to choose from, but a few stand out, maybe I will try to work them into a theme for a post. You will see it.

    Love the video!


    • Val,
      The painting event was surprising fun. It was interesting to see how the instructor leads a group (of about 20) through the process of doing the same painting … but then each painting had it’s own unique character.

      …. but I’m now curious to discover which of the celebrations caught your fancy!


  6. The cars were cool but that painting really caught my attention! I look forward to hearing more after I return on Thurs. from 3 days of golfing with old band directors at Winding Hollow GC in New Albany, OH.


  7. We had a busy weekend preparing for our move. I hate moving. Why does it have to be so tedious and why do I own so much crap.

    Toothpaste tube day … is it for or against?


  8. Hopping happily!!! Happy new week, my dear Frank and yes I would because it’s such lovely work! Well done!!!! I’m impressed! 🙂 As for cars – it seems that as we go back in time they look nicer and nicer. I mean look at that 1956 Jaguar!!!!


    • Alex,
      Vanilla pudding is great stuff! …. especially if mixed with some liquor. Thanks for the painting kudos. it was a fun event, and given that I’m one with limited artistic ability, I was happy with it and had a good time!


  9. You are quite talented! I’m quite jealous of the car ride. My weekend started off with my falling down nine stairs, so I am recuperating from that, plus two days after receiving the vaccine for shingles, I now have a very large red spot that is exceptionally itchy. I must say, it is a lot of fun getting old. On the bright side the teenage boy made dinner, changed our snow tires, then bought mom an ice cream cone. Today I will rest and enjoy Victoria Day.


    • Catherine,
      Ouch on the fall … but it sounds that “no broken bones” is the good news. Cheers to your son coming through! Hope today is a glorious holiday for you and the family.


  10. What a fabulous weekend, Frank! Thanks for sharing it with us…. eh hmm, I believe you are indeed an artist. I really do like that painting; and if T-shirts are made, be sure to let us know!
    OHMY! That 56 Jag is the bomb!!! (Didn’t know I was a gear head, didyah? 🙂 Driving them must have been an absolute blast!

    ok, time to think about youth, I mean songs pertaining to it.
    Happy Monday, and have a stellar week!

    PS, Painting with a Twist… remember the game Twister? Twister + paint? I’m sure it’s been done before.


    • Victoria,
      Dinner, wine, painting, and cars into one weekend was a lot! … and yes … thanks for the scoop that you are a gear head. FYI: I fill fix the post, but it was a 1957.

      Handling the two I drove felt very different from today’s cars … and because they weren’t my cars, I was extra careful.

      Twister with paint … oh my … what a combo!


  11. Having lobbied for the Oil Heat Centennial, I must say that the days get weirder and weirder!

    As for the weekend, I got a broken heart. We went to a dog show to talk to breeders of the dog we’d decided to get (which we had never met — blame John — i just need a cold nose). We decided it wasn’t the breed for us after all. So we are back to the drawing board. I’m crushed.


    • Robin,
      Oh thank you. My wife’s and mine are currently side-by-side, so it’s interesting to see the similarities and differences. But this was her second time there, thus she had some refinement advantages.


  12. My Monday is a little late, given that it’s almost Wednesday here in my household…and it IS Wednesday at your house. But I will be ready to celebrate Strawberries and Cream day on Wednesday. I think that car show was pretty terrific. I’m going to be a little late to get home tomorrow night, but I will be sure to stop over for “Musical.” I really enjoy thinking about song titles! 🙂


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