On Animals and Wine

I’ve mentioned before that our church as a wine-tasting group. As I like to say, fun and fellowship are the group’s purposes with wine as our vehicle. To commemorate our last event, I did a post that provided a list of wines labels around numbers (our last theme). I just so happens that I keep adding to that list as I discover others, which has been fun.

Another wine group event is approaching, and we are doing another quirky theme: Animals. I know this is not a complete list, but it’s a good start. Enjoy. Do you know any others?

Feathered Aviaries

  • Cardinals: Cardinal Zin, Cardinal Point
  • Cranes: Crane Family, Crane Lake
  • Ducks: Duck Pond, Duckhorn, Cold Duck
  • Eagles: Eagle Rock, Screaming Eagle, Eagle & Rose Estate, Eagle Vale
  • Geese: Spruce Goose, Goosecross
  • Hawks: Hawkstone, Hawk Crest, Redhawk
  • Extras: D’Arenberg Laughing Magpie, Phoenix, Ravenswood, Smoking Loon, Black Swan, Thunderbird
  • Rex Goliath 47-lb. Rooster, Little Penguin

Ungulates: Hoofed Mammals

  • Bulls: Dancing Bull, Turnbull Old Bull, Bully Hill, Concha Y Toro
  • Deer: Antler Hill, Reindeer Ranch, Stag’s Leap
  • Elk: Elkhorn, Elk Cove, Elk Creek
  • Goats: Goats Do Roam, Goats Do Roam in Villages, Bully Hill Love My Goat
  • Horses: Wild Horse, Flying Horse, Iron Horse, Silver Horse, Tall Horse, Horse Heaven Hills (H3), Horse Play, Horseshoe Bend, Colt’s Foot
  • Moose: 3 Blind Moose
  • Sheep: Bighorn, Ram’s Gate

Canine Mammals

  • Coyotes: Wild Coyote
  • Dogs: Bad Dog Ranch, Dog Point, The Dog and Oyster, Dog House, Fog Dog
  • Foxes: D’Arenberg Feral Fox, Flying Fox, Fox Meadow, Three Foxes, Foxhorn, Foxglove
  • Wolves: Wolf Blass, Grey Wolf, Wolf Gap, Howling Wolves

Feline Mammals

  • Cats: Cat Pee on a Gooseberry Bush, Fat Cat, Gato Negro, D’Arenberg Cenosiliacaphobic Cat, Killibinbin Scaredy Cat
  • Panthers: Panther Creek

Miscellaneous Mammals

  • Bats: D’Arenberg Fruit Bat Shiraz
  • Bears: Grizzly Republic
  • Llama; Funky Llama
  • Monkeys: Monkey Bay, Monkey Business
  • Otters: Otter Creek
  • Rabbits: Rabbit Ridge, Dancing Hares, French Rabbit, Las Liebres

Amphibians, Reptiles, and Fish

  • Frogs: Frog’s Leap, Frolicking Frog, La Petite Frog, Frogtown Cellars
  • Lizards: Lucky Lizard, D’Arenberg Leaping Lizard, Dragonette
  • Snakes: Blacksnake Meadery
  • Toads: Toad Hollow
  • Turtles:  Chocalatier Chocolate Turtle Wine, Tortoise Creek
  • Fish: Blue Fish, Fish Eye, Blue Fin, D’Arenburg The Broken Fishplate, Clown Fish, Madfish


  • Crabs: D’Arenberg Hermit Crab
  • Spiders: D’Arenberg Money Spider
  • Oysters: The Dog and Oyster, Oyster Bay

55 thoughts on “On Animals and Wine

  1. This was fun, Frank. I once had a dog who would steal wine out of people’s glasses if they were inattentive. It was a great party pleaser! (I didn’t let him drink too much, though. And it was my vet who suggested that a little bit of beer or wine would calm the excitable 120 lb. German Shepherd down. It worked wonders but he did develop a drinking problem and we had to cut him off!


  2. What, no “Cold Duck” or “Thunderbird”? Okay, so those are to fine wines what Pintos are to Ferraris, but they are wines. Technically. 😀


    • John,
      OMG … I forgot about those two. Believe me, I grew up in a small-town tavern and worked in a carry-out, so I know those! Thus they must be added. Thanks for the additions.


    • TBM,
      It’s a great group and one of the longest running at the church – which also mean I should write a post about how to do wine tasting as a church group. I keep telling myself that but never start writing it. Thanks for visiting.


  3. Holy leaping lizards Batman (I mean Frankman). What a fun list of wines. Sounds like a great event. I’ve had a couple of these wines. Sometimes it seems that naming wines anymore is kinda like naming race horses. Great post


    • Mobius,
      Today, crazy names and colorful labels are part of the marketing plan. Besides, some of these may be “second labels” of a popular named winery. After all, they have to sell all the fruit from the vine. Glad you enjoyed this. Thanks for visiting.


  4. Frogtown Cellars (local winery to Atlanta in the N. Georgia mountains) has a frog on the label. Le Vieille Ferme has a chicken on the label. Hahn has a rooster on many of the bottles I have seen. Hawkes winery in Sonoma has a hawk on the label.


    • Molly,
      Welcome first-time commenter, and I appreciate your additions, which will make it to the list in time. However, you have given me another idea for a list – wines with animals emblems on the label but without animal names – such as Hahn, Hawke, etc. My eye will be on the lookout. Thanks for visiting and commenting.


  5. Every wine with an animal name that I’ve quaffed made your list. There is one with pictures of roosters on the label called La Vielle Ferme Cotes du Ventoux Rouge. Even though I studied French for five years, if the word rooster is somewhere on that label, it’s slipped though one of the many holes in my pickled head. I think the label refers to an old farm. The 2009 is a pretty decent red.


    • Lame,
      Thanks to Google, I can confirm “The Old Farm.” … Wait … I should say that the person who somewhat knows the language confirms Google. And now the next time you are around a wine selection in a store, I will be curious to know if you started looking at labels. 🙂 Thanks for commenting.


    • Nancy,
      Correction on my part (post is updated). Actually cat wee wee is a scent for white – kind of an ode de litterbox – yep, ammonia. The wine I was think about is actually Cat Pee on the Gooseberry Bush … a sauvignon blanc from New Zealand. I had some a few years ago and yes, it does deliver some ammonia – but not in the taste. SO, for your enjoyment, as well as for others, the post now includes an image of the bottle. Thanks for stimulating the discovery for the correction. 🙂


      • Glad to know Cat Wee Wee isn’t a real wine. I’m not sure Cat Pee on the Gooseberry Bush is much better 🙂 Quite glad the label doesn’t actually depict the name!


    • Debra,
      I guess this is another endorsement for me writing a post about having a church wine group – thus to give you a reference for your congregation. Meanwhile, thanks for Tortoise Creek and I will add it to the list soon. Thanks for visiting.


    • Rich,
      Good question. Although my biological side recognizes humans as animals, I’ve limited this to non-human animals and wine. Then again, Fat Bastard could be the expletive one yells at the large primate who hit a person with a tomato at the zoo. Thanks for commenting.


  6. What great fun! I discovered wine through a Church Fund Raiser – lol! I’m a complete red wine snob though – my palette really only likes expensive wines – it will not be fooled. Hubby thinks it’s hysterical!


    • CraftCrazy,
      Oh no … a Church Fund Raiser creates Wine Snob for Red, Expensive Wine. Now that seems like a satirical headline all to its own. Hmmm … South Africa if I recall … which also means your share of good, national grown wines. 🙂 Thanks for sharing … and see the post with the numbers too.


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