On Satire Bits: Vol. 18

In my euphoria of finally playing acceptable golf, last night I published the wrong post – that is this post was supposed to be yesterday, and yesterday’s post today. Oh well, stuff happens.

Cheers everyone to the latest dose of satirical headlines from The Onion. Do you have any favorites from these morsels of humor?

Alabama’s School System’s Lone Textbook Falling Apart

County Fair Judges Blown Away by Local Heifer

Cops Cleared on Corruption Charges after Implicating Decorated Police Dog

Study Shows Mosquitoes Don’t Need to Bite Us

Nickname Persists in Spite of Surgery

It’s Easy to Tell What Area Man Will Look Like as Skeleton

Urban Planner Stuck in Traffic of Own Design

Bus Passenger Believes She Lives in a World Where Curried Shrimp is Odorless

Errant Keystrokes Produces Character Never Seen Before by Human Eye

NASA Announces Plans to Put Man on Bus to Cleveland

Anxiety-Ridden Man Rightly Ashamed of Every Single Thing He Does

Man to Give Another Cologne a Try


42 thoughts on “On Satire Bits: Vol. 18

    • Les,
      Oh my … now that is a great headline hidden within the post. Love it. On the other hand, the drafts are currently running on empty … Area Blogger Going Crazy Without Drafts Ready to Publish … thanks for visiting.


  1. They are ALL funny, Frank but I had two favorites:

    Urban Planner Stuck in Traffic of Own Design – anyone who has driven around Pittsburgh’s highways will appreciate this one, especially the lanes of traffic that merge on bridges

    Bus Passenger Believes She Lives in a World Where Curried Shrimp is Odorless – I used to cook with curry a lot, until one day I made it way too strong. My husband loved it but cleared the dance floor at a club later that night. Enough said 🙂


  2. These are the best yet! I would have a hard time deciding my favorite, but I think “Nickname persists in spite of surgery” is just brilliant! Have a great day…with a minimal amount of stuff happening. That’s my goal for today, too! Debra


  3. Of course mosquitoes don’t HAVE to bite us. They ENJOY biting us, the nasty little buggers!
    And if the gent is stuck in traffic of his own design, how did we find out? (Hey, somebody who could plan his way INTO a traffic jam would probably forget a couple cell towers, too. 😀 )


  4. “Nickname Persists in Spite of Surgery” makes the mind EXPLODE with questions. What did they remove and/or alter that could have removed the nickname, AND did the poor fellow HAVE the surgery to get rid of the nickname? Ouch and ouch!


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