On a Tour for Monday

Another weekend is in the books. Although a blast of northern cold reminded Cincinnatians that it’s February, we had an active weekend with dancing Friday night, a dinner and dance event Saturday night, playing with the handbell choir Sunday morning, shopping at Costco, and time at home.

A friend of ours from church is currently in Oman as she is part of the teaching team delivering training to Omani healthcare professionals. Since she, like me, never envisioned going to Oman, I anxiously wait to hear about her trip and see the pictures.

Interestingly, Rantonit, the owner of the blog that is in my sidebar and an occasional visitor here, may be Omani, but I’m not sure (my apologies Rant if you aren’t) – but he posted a video promoting the Tour of Oman – a multi-day bicycle race starting this Tuesday.

Since the short video drew me in, I shared it with my friend – and now I share it here because many of you appreciate travel. Enjoy the journey to land found on the southeastern corner of the Arabian Peninsula – plus have a good week and don’t forget Valentine’s Day.