On a Trunk Full of Music

Another weekend in the books. The biggest events of our weekend was a night of ballroom and attending a dinner/dance fundraiser for the Make a Wish Foundation. How was your weekend?

It’s a new month, which is loaded with reasons to celebrate.

For starters, Happy Canada Day to the Canadians!

A few of the many July celebrations include Mango and Melon Month, Nectarine and Garlic Month, National Blueberries Month, and National Ice Cream Month (yes … Graeter’s).

For those enjoying reasons to celebrate, later this week is World UFO Day (Tuesday), International Cherry Pit Spitting Day (Saturday), Beans and Bacon Days (3-7), and Chocolate Day (Sunday).

Meanwhile, this week also includes a national holiday for we Americans, which means a short posting week for me.

  • Next is Time: The Musical – Months; so get your tunes ready that include month, months, monthly, or a specific month in the title
  • Wednesday will be the typical mid-week dose of satire
  • Thursday brings a tribute to the holiday
  • Therefore, no Opinions in the Shorts or Saturday Morning Cartoons this week

This video will start your week started with a smile. Yes, a trunk full of music. Have a great week ahead.