On Remember (the) Maine

Remember the Maine was a battle cry associated with the Spanish-American War in the late 1800s. This post is not about the ship explosion in Havana harbor, but about our two port stops in Elyse’s beloved Maine.

We had visited Maine 15 years ago (or more), but this was our first visit to Bar Harbor. This small town is a resort town in a scenic setting and the getaway into Acadia National Park.

Bar Harbor received its name after a sandbar that only appears in the harbor during low tide. It’s a nice walk, but get back before high tide returns.

Bar Harbor Low

A nice walk across the bar to a small island …..

Bar Harbor High

…. just don’t get stuck out there

With its outcroppings of pink granite, Cadillac Mountain is Acadia’s high point, and its summit provides an outstanding view of the harbor and surrounding islands.

Bar Harbor Cadillac

3 Ships brought 6,000 people (We had the best spot on the right)

Our next-day visit to Portland delivered a warm, sunny day. With a population of about 66,000, Portland is Maine’s largest city. With walks along the Eastern Promenade, through the trendy neighborhood of Munjoy Hill, to the commercial district, and visiting the stores, galleries, and restaurants of the vibrant Old Port District, who knows how many miles we walked.


Portland Old Port District

The Old Port District is alive!

On to the last stop.

45 thoughts on “On Remember (the) Maine

  1. My step-father is from Maine, and he and my mom have a condo at Old Orchard Beach. We love going there. I especially love making a trek to Kennebunkport–one of the few places I don’t mind shopping. So many fun stores. Have you been there? We’ve been to Bar Harbor too, but not to stay. Just to check out for the day.


    • Carrie,
      We stayed in Old Orchard Beach years ago, but ahead of the season (I think it was early May, so the shops were closed). Yes, we went to beautiful Kennebunkport … Interesting to see Pres Bush’s home. Glad this post reminded you of visits to Maine.


    • Spiced,
      Given your location in Sydney, taking one that starts (and even ends) there is a savings in itself. Plus you can wait on last-minute specials. Then again, Alfie is still young. … but wait … didn’t you cruise not long ago?


  2. My friend Lola, who is a Spaniard living in New York, recently visited Acadia National Park. She and her guy stayed on Mount Desert Island. She loved it and told me that it reminded her a lot of the summer holidays in her youth by the Cantabrian Sea not far from Guernica. Frank, this is the most geography anyone will get out of me in a comment all year.


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  4. Beautiful shots, Frank and it looks like it was a stellar day! I’ve always wanted to see Acadia National Park. Recently, a client loaned me her DVD set of Ken Burn’s great expose on the National Parks which included a detailed history of how Acadia came to be. Very interesting… If you haven’t seen “The National Parks, America’s Best Idea,” I’d highly recommend it!


  5. Your post brings back good memories, Frank. Our favorite vacation spot for many years was Booth Bay Harbor, Maine. Theres a bucolic place about 4 miles from the town called The Ocean Point Inn that was ideal for us – rustic rooms looking west over the harbor and an island, boat moorings, sunsets, gulls, fog horns. And the best restaurant in the area. The inn is surrounded by the summer homes of the wealthy. The roads are all nicely paved and safe for walking. Lunches with the tourists in town. The big L.L. Bean store and other good shopping is less than an hour away.

    I see by their web site that they’re still there. We would still be going if it weren’t for the hassle of the trip. Would have to fly into Portland, rent a car and drive about 50 miles.


  6. I’m really sorry to say, I have never been to Maine, and I had NO idea that the states largest city had merely 66,000 residents. That’s fascinating to me. I didn’t realize there were so few folks living in the state, I guess.

    Hugs from Ecuador,


  7. Portland, Maine … there I have been doing guest appearance as canape chefs a couple of times, 3 expo cruises started out from there … don’t remember much about Portland expect a big shopping mall outside town and that we had an awful dinner at some restaurant and we didn’t tip enough and the waiter came running screaming after us. I love your side of Portland a lot more.


  8. I have always had a thought I’d enjoy a trip to Maine! Maybe someday. It’s a long, long way from home and there are so many other places I’ve never been, but although I don’t know where the accumulated impressions have come from, I really believe it is a state I’d love…maybe not in the winter, but the rest of the year! 🙂 Beautiful photos. I had no idea that Bar Harbor was named for the sandbar. Interesting!


  9. Thanks for the push to come to this post, Frank. I have indeed been busy. We have Scottish visitors (they are at the Udvar-Hazy part of the Air & Space Museum at the moment). So I have read almost nothing.

    Maine is wonderful — but when were you there????? Might we have met? We were in both Bar Harbor (our house — the one that burned — is on the other side of the island), and we had a lovely stop in Portland on the way home. We actually avoid the times the cruise ships though. Sooooooooo many people.

    Great pictures! I can’t wait to get back. Mountains and sea right together is magical, always!


        • I agree. The nature of cruise ships is to give one a taste. We were in Maine for a weekend (airfare special) in the late 90s (I think). Stayed in Old Orchard Beach (or something like that), but it was May and many stores were closed as the season hadn’t started. But we drove to Portland, Freeport, & Kennebunkport.


  10. Aw, pity, I was looking forward to “Remember the Maine, to Hell with Spain!”. A great war cry, egged on by yellow journalism, converting (the most popular theory being) a simple coal bunker explosion into a war.
    So much better to enjoy all the wonders Maine has to offer.


  11. I have been to Maine, but we never made it quite to Bar Harbor. We hope to return. We had a nice weekend in Kennebunkport once. It was during George W. Bush’s cousins’ wedding. We only found out because of the stand-still traffic, the overhead helicopters, the black van and secret service armed guards, and the secret service inflatable rafts. Quite the ordeal. I should have let the secret service scare me away from the clam shack, though. That’s all I’ve got to say.


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