Opinions in the Shorts: Vol. 201

On Politics
The Incidental Economist is an interesting site for those contemplating health care with a focus on research, an eye on reform.

Here’s an interesting tidbit to ponder. George HW Bush (1988) and Mitt Romney (2008) received the same percentage (59) of the white vote.

Regardless of the party occupying the White House or a party of the senator, no senator should be able to hold up confirmation of a presidential appointee. Therefore, it’s time for the US Senate to change its rules.

Although Republicans are taking a beating in the polls regarding the recent shutdown and debt ceiling issue, many of them remain obstinate.

The 29-member House-Senate budget committee met this week for the first time. Leaders say they have set a low bar for success. I hope the venue for future meetings is large enough to handle the panel and all the sacred cows each of them will bring to the meetings.

The Onion discovered Congress’s plans for improving its approval rating.

On This Week’s Headlines from The Onion
Operate trying to find right work-anxiety-life-anxiety balance
Fun-loving, laid-back woman with a bit of nerdy side joins online dating service
Lonely man pets dog through cracked car window
Girlfriend to stay beneath blanket for next five months
Panicked newborn didn’t realize breathing would be on Apgar Test
Pumpkin clearly had finger in it

Interesting Reads
Sequester and research cuts
A Who Said It quiz from The Onion
Historical graph showing US opinions about the death penalty
One person’s struggle and journey regarding faith and science
New map of the brain
For those enjoying pictures of insects

On Potpourri
If you didn’t see the story about bus driver Darnell Barton, here’s a 2-minute feel- good story.

I’m nervous about this weekend’s music premier because the piece isn’t easy, my part is difficult, I’ve never premiered new music before, and the first time will be at a special celebration dinner. Our handbell choir is 12-14 people playing one instrument, and one person not holding their own affects others.

Here’s an interesting quote (paraphrased) for reflection: Tablets and smartphones in public place keep us from noticing what is happening around us, thus causing to lose our sense of duty to others.

It’s a new month, so November is loaded with monthly celebrations, such as food celebrations as greens & plantains, Georgia pecans, plums & pomegranates, spinach & squash, sweet potatoes, apples, raisin bread, pepper, banana pudding, peanut butter, and fun with fondue. But wait, there’s a variety of month-long celebrations as military appreciation, historic bridges, drums (percussion), inspirational role models, novel writing, sponges, real jewelry, and many more!

Here are your weekend celebrations!
(Weekend) Pumpkin Chunkin Days, Sherlock Holmes Weekend
(Fri) Give Up Your Shouds Day, Family Literacy Day, Prime Meridian Day, Vegan Day, French Fried Clams Day
(Sat) Cookie Monster Day, Plan Your Epitaph Day, Sadie Hawkins Day, Deviled Eggs Day
(Sun) Cliché Day, Jellyfish Day, Sandwich Day, Zero Tasking Day

Thanks to all for completing another act of Time: The Musical and I appreciate the different genres you provide. There are at least two more acts and an epilogue before the curtain closes by the end of the year … but, fear not, a new (yet to be announced) musical is in the works for 2014.

Last week’s cartoon feature honored Roadrunner. The good person behind Lame Adventures is a cartoon connoisseur. Not only did she detect a flaw in the post (which I corrected and I thank her for that), she provided this outstanding piece (by humorist Ian Frazier) about the opening statement in Wile E Coyote’s lawsuit against Acme Company.

I have a Saturday Morning Cartoon post planned for this weekend.

At a concert during my college years, promoters announced the next concert – to which I responded to my good friend, Who and the hell is Lou Reed? Then someone several seats away said, Walk on the Wild Side – and then I knew. The concert never happened, but I think his Rock n Roll Animal live album is a classic. Lou Reed passed away last Sunday at age 71 …. RIP.

Have a safe weekend and in the words of Garrison Keillor, Be well, do good work, and keep in touch.

62 thoughts on “Opinions in the Shorts: Vol. 201

  1. Good evening! Lots of excitement coming up for November. Early in the year I thought the clock would surely stop by mid-July, but it takes a licking and keeps on ticking!

    One thing in November is the National Novel Writing Month, which you alluded to above. I might take a crack at that, though I was just reminded about it today. http://nanowrimo.org/

    Tomorrow evening: going to a fundraiser dinner with Jim and an old friend. It’s for a group our daughter works with that increases education opportunities in Africa, especially for women. I’m looking forward to getting dolled up, different from my usual attire I wear around here.


    • Melanie,
      No NaNo for me, so you take my share. 😉 … Good luck with your effort!

      Cheers to your household efforts with another fundraiser. Hope all goes well! … Enjoy dress-up night!


  2. The second death penalty chart is very telling about the difference between parties.
    No one should be able to ‘hold’ a nomination because their shorts rode up their butt.
    The faith-science piece is too heavy for me tonight. Maybe in the morning.
    Those were very striking insect pictures. The spiders I didn’t care for.
    My brain is in perceiver mode most of the time.

    Walk on the Wildside is a cool tune. Rest in peace, Lou.


    • Jim,
      Agree about the second chart, but it also shows that support within each of the 3 groups is a downward trend.

      Regarding the no holds on nominations, beware, my statement also aims at Dems during GOP administrations.

      Enjoy the fundraiser!


  3. Wow, Frank, that’s quite a “Walk on the Wild Side” video packed with trannies and hustlers — and actual glimpses of all the people Lou was referring to in that song. Very cool! So I’m “a cartoon connoisseur”! I love that, Frank! Thanks for the shout out!


  4. JSYK, among non-hardcore rock ‘n’ roll fans, Lou Reed is mostly famous for two things: the tune “Walk on the Wild Side” and his quote concerning the difference between rock ‘n’ roll music and jazz: “One chord is fine. Two chords are pushing it. Three chords and you’re
    into jazz.”

    Speaking of quotes, YOU BET YOUR SWEET BIPPY I’ll from now on be referring to the blog “The Incidental Economist” as we continue our longtime debate over the opposition in the U.S. to nationalized health care – as opposed to the rest of the world! (For your younger readers, “You bet your sweet bippy” is from the late 60’s, early 70’s TV show “Laugh In” basically meaning, “yes”, in a groovy, flower-power sorta way.)


    • Tim,
      Rowan and Martin’s Laugh-In was a classic show from back in the day. Love the Lou Reed quote. Meanwhile, enjoy the link … I’ve heard Dr Aaron Carroll from that site many times


  5. I hope the hand-belling goes well, Frank. I’m sure you’re more than up to the task. 🙂
    “People who enjoy looking at insects.”………that doesn’t include me. 😯
    I remember that Lou Reed number, but I never saw the video before. Have a great weekend. 🙂


    • Sylvia,
      I’m up to the challenge, but this is this is the first time I’ve been on this much edge .. most to do with having a tough part and playing a commissioned piece at a celebration event with 250-300 people attending.


    • Marina,
      Glad you found something in the list to celebrate … after all, there was a song back in the day with the chorus lyrics of ” Celebrate, Celebrate, Dance to the Music. … Meanwhile, a top notch cartoon is on the way.


  6. Don’t worry about your performance, I have no doubt you’ll do GREAT! (and I couldn’t agree more about the tidbit about tablets and smartphones!) I came out of the movies not too long ago and EVERY single person ahead of me was reaching for their phones like it was their life lines or something…from little ones to adults – all lined up in the halls looking at their phones…it was actually kinda spooky…)
    Have a great weekend, Frank!


  7. The 1990’s: When Americans got a lust for blood! Hard to believe the death penalty had an 80% approval rating in post-modern times. Good luck on your performance — I shall do my best to celebrate Zero Tasking Day this Sunday!


  8. I just loved the video, Frank! It absolutely epitomizes why Lou Reed was unique in every way! And the Onion this week: “Panicked newborn didn’t realize breathing would be on Apgar Test.” Good reads again this week. You compile a very impressive potpourri! I’m sure your bell choir is going to do well, and I’ll look forward to hearing how it felt to you. 🙂


  9. apgar!! brilliant. as for the obstinate GOPers, i think it’s because some know just how great a majority they will have in their state votes, thanks in part to gerrymandering, so they can go nuts. e.g. ted cruz.


  10. The articles were quite a mix (trying to catch up last week was rough). Loved thei Onion this week. Lou Reed, what a mess he was but what an interesting mess.

    The issue of holding nominations, both sides do it but not to this extreme. The bench appointments are lifetime appointments, the last time the Dems made a deal we got two women on the bench who will be hammering us for decades, thanks George W.


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