On Time: The Musical

A short time ago I did a post about time featuring photos by my friend, Steve. Being this is my first full week back in the saddle with my regular routine, I thought it would be a good time to follow that post with some audience participation.

Here’s your challenge. In your comment, post a video of a song with “Time” as part of the title. There are many, but it would be great if you posted something that is part of your memory – a movie, a song from your youth, a memorable moment, or whatever. If you can, return later in the day to enjoy a wide array of musical treats.

Now the tough part, no duplicates.

I intentionally chose one that is a bit different, then again, that’s me. Enjoy Time from Hans Zimmer’s soundtrack to Inception.

213 thoughts on “On Time: The Musical

      • Victoria,
        Interestingly, I used a video from a movie I didn’t see … so thanks for endorsing it! Pink Floyd’s Time was the first song that came to my mind when I was preparing this post, so thanks for using it! Meanwhile, I patiently wait for some of the others. 🙂


  1. Hey Frank, here’s my selection, “Time of the Season”, a classic song released by the Zombies in 1968. I remember when I was a kid going on family outings on weekends; the time when my dad would most be around. He was a traveling salesman so often he was away during the week. I looked forward to Friday night when he’d come home. I’d wait by the window watching for his car. On the weekends, he was there for my siblings and me — something my mother cherished since his dealing with us gave her time to do her own thing. On our family outings, when we’d all be together — Dad, Mom, my sis and bro and Granny, Dad always tuned the radio to my favorite stations.

    This was a song I enjoyed hearing on the car ride to or from wherever we were going: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oc7b62El_fk


  2. I have been a massive fan of Hans Zimmer since I saw the movie “Backdraft “… this is a movie I haven’t seen, but I have listen to the soundtrack, beautiful .. did a post about him a while ago … http://wp.me/p293Pw-3en

    For this challenge, witch I love … I chose … Coldplay’s “clocks” – not a Coldplay fan, but I like this song .. and have used for my post about “my timekeepers” – http://wp.me/p293Pw-4eN … and the song http://youtu.be/d020hcWA_Wg


  3. These are for my good friend Tim, who happens to be away. I know he would enjoy this post, and because he likes his jazz, here are two for him,

    First, from a jazz icon

    Second, some modern jazz from France as he enjoys French … and this is an interesting video.


  4. I like this song because it reminds me of a really nice trip with someone very dear to me, I started singing it because we were really late and needed to be in the airport, I was rushing him, then on the the taxi, the taxi driver was driving like crazy, no seat belts available, he wouldn’t respect the lights, wild ride, thought we were going to die when he changed lanes to the upcoming traffic because it was “empty”, out time was ticking out, and I kept singing that song making the other nervous.

    Enjoy Time is Ticking Out by The Cranberries http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_AJsLkRbQ74


  5. This one is mine, and I am slightly surprised not to see it before now…

    My daughter can name this tune in three beats or less. She should. Her father put this on a mix CD for me while I was pregnant with her.


  6. I am such a fan of “Time to Say Goodbye”. I have the Sarah Brightman version and the one with Andrea Bocelli. And I think that Katherine Jenkins does a spectacular job with it as well. Nice selections though – especially the Zombies!


  7. Fun idea. I only wish I had time to find one. But I’m commenting today from a car moving at 70+ mph along I- 71 North using my iPad. It’s a wonderful little device. If only I knew how to use it.


  8. Did I broke the rules ???? ….. there is nothing more connected to time than clocks. And our time is measured in seconds, minutes, hours .. that makes days .. weeks and … really time that we lose from our lives. Mine is the most suitable … for this challenge. I PROTEST!!!!!!!


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  10. Alas, because I have no shame, I am posting Britney Spears 🙂 Do I love this song despite the heinous title? But of course.

    By the way, this is was super cool idea for a blog. Cheers.


  11. This was very clever, Frank, and I really enjoyed it. So much so tht I’m going to search iTunes for the Lou Rawls “All Things in Time.” Man, I sure do miss him. Thanks for an entertaining Sunday morning.


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