On Satire Bits: Vol. 37

Interesting how things unfold sometimes. My week started with a relative calmness, and now a client wants something by next Tuesday. Oh boy. Guess letting you know that this midweek bite of satire is good timing for me – plus, sadly so, the work is going to cut into my time visiting your blogs.

This dose from The Onion actually is two lists in one. The first five are typical. However, the last five kind of a challenge from a frequent visitor here, Another Day in Paradise. One day she joking wondered if The Onion ever mentioned South Africa. Well, well, well … gotta love the archives as they provided the last five! I sure hope Bulldog also sees these! Any favorites?

Sensitive Scientists Report 5 in 5 Women Don’t Know How Beautiful They Are

Bold Talk about Making Broth Going Around Apartment Complex

Man Who Cried Himself to Sleep Last Night has some Great Ideas for Growing Company Brand

Hiring of Local Moron Gives Nation’s Unemployed Hope

Box of Old Playboys Found

South Africa Realizes All Its Things Were Stolen during World Cup

South African Vuvuzela Philharmonic Angered by Soccer Game Breaking Out during Concert

Rhino and Tickbird Stuck in Dead-End Symbiotic Relationship

Oprah’s African School Forced to Cut Oprahmatics, 20th Century Oprah History

Somali Pirates Steal Stadium